Fall fit & fun Dietbet Challenge

my second dietbet has just been announced and i want YOU to join!

you can find all the details out on how to join here … dietbet.com/fittybritttty86

it’s only $30 to join, and awesome group motivation to keep with it because at the end of our 4 weeks, any and all participants who have lost 4% of their starting weight get to split the big pot of money! how exciting is that?!

the last dietbet i hosted we had over 100 players and the payout at the end for the winners was close to $60 a person!


dietbet is awesome because you have the support not only of your friends and family but also from ME and the other players! the message boards are a great motivator as well. i will be posting weekly challenges and some fun recipes that will help you on your journey as well.

whether you’re just starting your journey or if you’ve been at it a long time like me this is the PERFECT way to change it up and have some fun at the same time. when you are on a #weightloss journey it’s important to have fun and be around people who understand what you are going through and there really is no better place then a dietbet game!

it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. join and place your $30 dollar bet
  2. invite at least 2-3 friends/family members to join in on the fun
  3. interact with me in the game, ask me questions or for advice, i’ll be there the entire way with you cheering you on throughout the challenge, sharing tips, works, and that extra bit of motivation

the game starts on monday, october 12th and goes for 28 days. you weigh in through the app by taking pictures of both you on the scale and of your actual weight and then submit them to be reviewed (those are the only people who will see your weight, don’t worry!) then when the 28 days are over you will retake the images and resubmit your weight to the judges!

super simple!! if you meet your 4% goal you will split the pot with the other winners! the more people we can get to join the bigger the payout will be! invite anyone and everyone! let’s stay on track heading into the fall and holiday season instead of packing on the pounds with processed candy and treats!

xo xo



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