As most of you know I’ve been on my health + wellness journey for almost 8 years now, it’s pretty crazy to think that it’s been that long but also how it doesn’t even feel possible that I lived my life any other way than how I do now. Of course, my lifestyle change was very gradual, every couple of months I seem to be changing things up and trying new things to see how my body responds and how I can continue living an even healthier lifestyle. With major weight loss comes a lifetime of maintaining that weight loss. It’s definitely not always easy, as I’ve talked about struggling with maintenance before, but there are two new supplements in my life that are helping me tremendously to stay on track and to ultimately feel like my best self.

Something I don’t often chat about is when I was overweight I hardly ever remember having stomach aches or pains, maybe I had them but they didn’t seem to happen as often. After I lost the weight I began to notice so many more aches and upset stomachs as well as going through periods of time where I constantly felt gassy, bloated, or constipated! I was really confused because I had just lost a lot of weight and thought for sure I would feel better all around, but instead, I just became more aware of these embarrassing stomach issues. And to top it off, it felt like all my friends were struggling with these same issues and no one could really figure out why they were having them.

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Last year, I finally started to look into these symptoms and do some research about gut health, which thankfully there is a ton of research on! And I found Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotics + Multivitamin during my research and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been taking the Probiotic + Multivitamin now daily for the last two months and I’ve been feeling amazing.

Most of you probably already take a multivitamin and if not, then I highly suggest it! The Silver Fern Brand Multivitamin is amazing because it’s a whole foods vitamin with trace minerals making it so your body absorbs 100% of what’s in those little magic pills! Another amazing thing is that the Silver Fern Brand Multivitamin is 100% vegan, non-GMO, and all-natural.

The whole food vitamin blend used by Silver Fern Brand takes only the extracted micronutrients from fruits and vegetables and leaves out the extra sugars and carbs. Silver Fern Brand's daily serving is only two (2) capsules compared to the four (4) capsules of other comparable whole food multivitamins. Also, most "natural" multivitamin products are actually a mix of natural and synthetic vitamins. Silver Fern Brand's Whole Food Multivitamins are 100% from whole foods and contain zero synthetic vitamins.

But I really think the big game-changer for me has been adding in the Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotics – before I started my research I didn’t even really know what a probiotic was let alone all the amazing benefits it offers my body!

silver fern probiotic + multivitamin review |
What is a Probiotic?

So you’re probably wondering what the heck is a probiotic and why do I think you might want to consider adding one to your daily routine like did, right?! You’ve probably heard certain foods referred to as probiotics, like yogurt, kimchi, and kefir, but do you actually know what a probiotic is or why it’s good for you? I didn’t but now I’m so glad I do!

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. Your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. With modern living comes somewhat of an epidemic of imbalanced gut bacteria, which has led to a variety of negative health consequences and a rise in digestive disorders. And most probiotic supplements don't actually do too much to correct the problem, in fact very few are capable of being able to actually restore a healthy gut microbiome. Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic is one of the few on the market that actually meets all important criteria in helping to restore your gut microbiome.

silver fern probiotic + multivitamin review |
Why do I need to take a Probiotic?

Now that I’ve explained what a probiotic is, you might be wondering how it will help you and why you should add this to your daily routine. Not only will adding a probiotic help your gut bacteria balance out but it can help with your metabolism, digestive problems (IBS, bloating, leaky gut, etc), excessive hunger and sugar cravings, depression and anxiety and even help your immune system!

What to look for in a Probiotic?

Not all probiotics are created equal. So if you want to know the best probiotics for men then you can click here, and this will give you an example of how probiotics differ. That is why it is so important to always, always do your research on products before purchasing them. It’s super important to look for a probiotic that is pharmaceutical grade, has spore-forming bacteria with 100% guaranteed survivability (basically you want to be able to make sure the probiotic can make it’s way to the correct part of your body, otherwise it doesn’t benefit you at all), DNA verification (meaning you want the strains that are on the label to be what is actually in the bottle), and to for it to have the right, multi-functional, effective strains. I specifically wanted to find a probiotic that had Bacillus Subtilis HU58 which helps with weight loss and maintenance because it increases short-chain fatty acid production, which is a key component for helping to boost your metabolism!

Other Probiotic tips

Another super important piece of information is to make sure you’re eating a high fiber diet when you’re taking a probiotic because it’s even more effective when that is done! A high fiber diet is amazing for you no matter what so get that daily 25 grams of fiber and add in an amazing probiotic like Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic and you should see some amazing results with your gut health. I also always take both the probiotic + the multivitamin together after I’ve eaten my breakfast with a big glass of water!

Have you all ever tried a probiotic? Do you take a multivitamin? I would love to hear your success stories with healing your gut below! I know for me this has been such a game changer and I'm so excited I found Silver Fern Brand!


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