a whole day of just juice might not sound appealing to many but to me it’s the perfect detox and reset after a few days of a not so balanced, mostly enchilada and taco filled couple of days. oops, we’ve all been there right?!

for me the easiest way to snap back into my routine and to start craving healthy options again is a quick one to three day juice cleanse. you might be thinking right about now that there is no way you could go three days without chewing, but believe me you will survive!

i’ve posted about several dc based juice shops before on my instagram page but now that i’m a cali girl i couldn’t wait to start exploring all the local orange county juice shops. there are so many to choose from but i was particularly drawn to project juice because of the option of having some protein in my cleanse.

juice cleanses fill your body with a ton of amazing nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes that help to support the detox of your organs during the cleanse. it has been proven that juice cleanses lead to healthier habits, they can curb unhealthy cravings and reset your metabolism. as well as flush out those nasty toxins and help to give you a boost of energy. and let’s be honest who doesn’t need an extra boost!

i actually found project juice via instagram and then discovered they were about a two minute drive from my place and popped over to their shop at the camp in costa mesa. i walked up and the girl working was super friendly and helpful and i was even able to do a shot size sample of the juices before purchasing. i highly recommend taste testing what you’re going to buy first if possible!

since i just wanted a one day cleanse i decided to do a create my own 6 pack. they recommend three green juices per day but i went with two so that i could really get a good feel of more of their juices. i grabbed sweet greens (not pictured because i had already started drinking it when taking this picture #couldntwaittooexcited), watermelon berry (seasonal), potion no 10, turmeric lemonade, swizz beetz, and chocolate protein.


the green juices were really amazing, just the perfect amount of sweetness to gulp it down with ease and i felt so refreshed after drinking both of them. and honestly i just feel so healthy when drinking green juices because of that rich green color, is that just me?! kale yeah!

the watermelon berry was seriously summer perfection in a bottle. refreshing and hydrating and not overly sweet, it was by far my favorite!

the turmeric lemonade was actually the one i struggled with the most to get down but i know how good it is for digestion, reducing inflammation and helping to really reboot my metabolism so it made it completely worth it for me!

swizz beetz was so tasty, it was super dimensional and so flavorful. i love beets and the combo of beets and apples are my favorite. this was the juice recommended to me to drink before i worked out. which unfortunately, i didn’t even get to do since i went into work instead but i can totally see why it would be a great preworkout. i felt energized after drinking it.

and last but not least was the chocolate protein. this was sooooo creamy and delicious and filling! it has almonds and brown rice protein in the mix helping this juice to have 17 grams of protein. i would buy this one again and again. it felt like i was drinking a milkshake!

overall i give project juice a very big stamp of approval from their website to their staff they are on point and i’m impressed!

i feel so much better after just one day of cleansing. my body is back to craving veggies and lean protein instead of donuts and mexican food. hallelujah. the day after i cleanse i make sure to eat lots of green veggies, fruits, and lean proteins so that my body doesn’t freak out with all the changes. it’s not always easy to keep a clean healthy diet and i definitely enjoy treats often without any guilt but when things start falling off the 80/20 wagon i turn to juice cleanses to help me jump back on track. yes, they might seem like an expensive option but it’s the price i pay to stay healthy and happy.

i hope if you’ve never done a juice cleanse before that you will go forth and try it out and if you’re an experienced juice cleanser definitely give these juices a try (they deliver!) if you have any other favorite juice shops in the OC/LA area let me know in the comments below, i’m always excited to try new places!

xo xo