If you all are anything like me when you’re meal prepping you want some recipes to be super simple, right?! I mean it’s usually Sunday and what you really want to be doing is snuggling up watching movies or on a Netflix binge (ME!), hanging out with friends, watching the game or really anything else other than taking 3ish hours of your day to cook!

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand hand shredding chicken, it takes forever but I love shredded chicken. See my dilemma? Shredded chicken breasts are one of my go-to prep items because it’s completely versatile. You can add shredded chicken to pretty much any meal and add sauce or seasoning to jazz it up! I use shredded chicken for salads, wraps, tacos, egg scrambles, stuffed sweet potatoes, stacked nachos, as a pizza topping, buffalo chicken sandwiches the list could keep going on and on. What’s your favorite way to eat shredded chicken?

Well, I’m about to blow your minds. At least it blew my mind when I figured this amazing trick out, maybe this is old news but either way I’m sharing it! I start by taking my chicken breasts and seasoning them well with salt and pepper, making sure to get both sides.

3-minute shredded chicken | fittybritttty.com

Then the key to super moist chicken is to bake it at a higher temperature for less time. I bake my chicken at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. I start checking it around 20 and then if you have bigger pieces of chicken they may need to stay in a bit longer, keep checking every 5 minutes until done.

While they bake grab your KITCHEN AID MIXER (that’s right a mixer for shredded chicken) and your paddle attachment. And get it set up and ready to go! Then as soon as your chicken comes out of the oven and is fully cooked to your liking drop those babies into your prepared mixer! Lock your mixer if that’s an option if it isn’t an option make sure to hold it steady or cut the chicken into halves before putting into the mixer.

Turn your mixer up to medium speed and watch in amazement as the chicken easily is shredded! YES, it’s that simple! When I first tried this I was blown away! In literally 3 minutes or less, I had shredded chicken, something that used to take at least 15 minutes!

I hope this has convinced you to give this a try on your next meal prep day! I bet this would also work with a handheld mixer, although I haven't tried it before! Let me know if you have any other great easy meal prep tips below! And remember to tag me in your recipe creations @fittybritttty and use the hashtag #fittybrittttyEATS so I can see what you're cooking up!