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What exactly did you have done?

    • I had an extended tummy tuck. My scar extends all the way around my body (front, love handles, and above my butt) – this wasn’t the original plan but when I came out of surgery this is what was done in order to achieve the absolute best result.
    • I did not have to have my core muscles repaired because they were not torn from having children. I’ve heard having the core muscles repaired at the same time as the extra skin removal is the cause of a lot the pain.
    • I did not have skin removed on my arms, legs, or anywhere else, just my stomach, love handles, and above my butt.

When did you know it was time for the surgery? were you shooting for a goal weight, body fat %, etc?

I was shooting for my goal weight at weight watchers and I also made sure I could keep the weight off for a year before getting the surgery. it’s an expensive procedure and I wanted to make sure I had really made a lifestyle change and that this wasn’t going to be a waste of money.


How painful was it when you were recovering?

I was given plenty of good medicine to keep my pain to a minimum the first few days, so honestly, I wasn’t in much pain at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how I felt during recovery. The uncomfortable part is walking and standing up straight afterward and sitting and standing to use the restroom. After about day four I felt a lot better. I was able to walk up and down the stairs and shower.


How long was the full recovery time?

I was cleared to go back to work after two weeks and at four weeks post-op, I was cleared to start working out again. I had to wear the undergarments and supportive band for six to eight weeks post-op, even while exercising. I would say the full recovery time for the scaring was about four months. the area where they had the drains coming out of me took the longest to close up because they don’t sew those closed.


What did you do for your scaring – what did i do to help it?

I used biocorneum on my scars.


How big was the incision/cut?

It extends completely around me (low stomach area, over my hips/love handles, and above my butt). I held my weight in my stomach and butt area and had a “shelf” butt when I was overweight. I ended up having extra skin above my butt and during the operation, the doctor made the decision to go all the way around my body in order to achieve the best results. this is not as common in a lot of patients – usually, people have extended tummy tucks which include the lower stomach and love handles so the cut/scar would extend hip to hip.


When could you start working out again?

I was cleared to work out again four weeks after my surgery. I had to wear my supportive garments under my workout clothes, though until the 6-8 week mark when I was allowed to stop wearing the garments.


What type of workouts could you do at the beginning?

I started by just walking on the treadmill for about 30 minutes at a time and I was able to lift arms (just at a lower weight than I normally used). It feels really funny to work out again because your stomach is numb still and can stay numb for up to a year post-op.


What will happen if you have kids one day?

Most of you know I don’t have children, however, I plan on having them one day. At the time of my surgery this, of course, was my mother’s number one concern. The doctor told me that when I have kids the skin will stretch as with any pregnancy but he thought it might bounce back a little better than it did when I initially lost the weight. Of course, I won’t actually know what will happen until I have children, for now, I’m enjoying my flat tummy.


How much was the procedure?

This is probably my most frequently asked question but it’s the hardest for me to answer because the cost for mine isn’t necessarily the same as the cost for someone else. The prices are dependent on so many factors such as, location, doctor’s experience, hospital/surgery center fees, the number of hours the surgery takes, and then of course what exactly is done. I also had my surgery almost four and a half years ago and prices have changed since then.


How many consultations did you have? are they free?

    • I had 3 consultations with 3 different doctors. 2 were completely free, 1 consultation was $125 dollars but was with a Georgetown medical plastic surgeon (his prices were about $5,000 more than the other two doctors). most surgeons will not charge you for your first consultation appointment.
    • Once I picked my doctor, I went back again (for free) with my mom to meet with the doctor.

Do you have any other tips/advice for people having this procedure done?

    • I have a lot of people message me asking how my scar is so low and honestly it was my doctor who said it would always be low on my stomach. But really STRESS it to your doctor and bring underwear/bikini bottoms to explain how low you want it.
    • Be aware that no plastic surgeon can guarantee complete symmetry. my hip scars that go around toward my back/butt area are not symmetrical. one side is about a ½ inch higher. It doesn’t really bother me but it’s just something to be aware of if you are thinking of having an extended procedure.
    • Make sure you get a binder for over your garment. It SAVED my life. Seriously, it makes you feel so much more secure and together.
    • Make sure you take care of your scars really well. If you’re out in the sun always apply sunscreen so they don’t get burnt!
    • Save up your money because afterward, you will want to buy every bikini you can get your hands on!

Feel free to reach out directly if you have more questions about my experience!




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