Hi, I’m Britney. The editor of FittyBritttty, a website that encompasses body positivity, self-love, health and wellness, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and home decor. FittyBritttty was created in 2014 when I found myself at a crossroads with my health journey. After losing 85 pounds, I felt trapped, frustrated, and alone. I needed a creative outlet and a place to document my ups and downs.

I was craving more balance in my life and was on the ultimate search to find freedom (from food, diets, and my constant negative self-talk). I had lost weight but it was finally time for me to commit to making healthy living my lifestyle. I created this space to not only document my wellness path but to build a community for others to come to feel uplifted, motivated, and inspired.

Outside of this amazing space, in my spare time, I enjoy dancing (even though I’m always two beats or more behind) and being surrounded by friends and family. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and would live in a bikini if I could. Traveling sets my soul on fire and I love going on adventures to new places near and far. And yes, shopping is my cardio.

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Let’s EMBRACE our bodies, LOVE our bodies, and cling to the idea that we are just as BEAUTIFUL as ever in this exact moment in time.




Britney is the fitness and wellness blogger and influencer behind the weight loss journey and lifestyle blog and Instagram, FittyBritttty. She transformed her life over 8 years ago by losing over 85 pounds. When she isn’t caught up in social media and blogging, you can find Britney sweating it out on her yoga mat, blending up green smoothies in her Vitamix, hanging out with her family, enjoying a glass of Rosé and shopping — because that is totally cardio, right?!

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