Guys, I did a thing… I did Whole30 and I didn’t tell anyone about it. I kept it my little secret. You might be wondering why I would keep something like this a secret when I’m very open and share almost everything online with all of you. I kept this to myself for many reasons, […]

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Tips to Deal with Gym Intimidation

I recently opened up so many DMs on my Instagram with so many amazing questions and this specific one really caught my eye and I thought it would be an amazing blog post! If you have a topic you would love for me to discuss in a blog post make sure to leave a comment below […]

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#UpForAnything Challenge with Athleta

When Athleta came to me earlier this month and challenged me to be a part of their #UpForAnything campaign I was so excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone in the new year! Athleta’s goal with the #UpForAnything challenge was to get women outside their comfort zones and empower women with their #UpForAnything […]

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The Wellness Fanatic Gift Guide

I hope everyone had the most magical Thanksgiving and spent it surrounded by family and friends! I’m still over here basically on cloud 9 from all the sugar, butter, and carbs I ate yesterday but I’m so excited to announce that my gift guide is finally out! My 2017 Wellness Fanatic Gift Guide is here […]

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