Wellness Travel: Fairmont Mayakoba

Last week my bestie Rachael and I flew down to Mexico for an unforgettable Wellness Getaway at the Fairmont Mayakoba! As soon as we drove on to the property I knew we were going to have the best time. It was the most blissful and beautiful three days. So many of you messaged me to […]

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From HIIT Obsessed to Yoga Lover

I’ve mentioned my fitness journey more times than I can count but I realized recently I’ve never fully dived into how my fitness journey has evolved over the years! I used to be the girl that had to do the hardest, most intense, sweat-inducing workouts in order to feel accomplished in my fitness journey. I […]

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Healthy Habits on a Budget

When I first began my wellness journey, over eight years ago, I quickly realized that becoming healthy was actually quite expensive. All the little things I was slowly changing and adding into my routine to become healthier really started to add up! Over the years though, prioritizing my wellness is what truly mattered most to […]

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All Your Period Cup Questions Answered

A few weeks ago on my Instagram feed and stories I posted about the Lunette Period Cup and you babes flooded my DMs and stories with SO many good questions that I had to write up a blog post just to get them all answered! As a quick background, in case you missed my Instagram stories I’ve […]

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Miraval Retreat: A Wellness Getaway

Last Novemeber, I was lucky enough to be invited down to Arizona to visit the amazing desert oasis that is Miraval. And to top it off I got to travel with two my best blogger babes @justdimpleit and @gofitjo, it was a retreat I will never forget. Today I’m so excited to share my thoughts, […]

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Yoga Tips for Beginners

Last week I posted a few tips for Yoga Beginners on my IG stories which received a great response so I wanted to create a full blog post dedicated to the topic. Yoga holds such a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to share these tips to help anyone who is thinking […]

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