All Your Period Cup Questions Answered

A few weeks ago on my Instagram feed and stories I posted about the Lunette Period Cup and you babes flooded my DMs and stories with SO many good questions that I had to write up a blog post just to get them all answered! As a quick background, in case you missed my Instagram stories I’ve […]

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Miraval Retreat: A Wellness Getaway

Last Novemeber, I was lucky enough to be invited down to Arizona to visit the amazing desert oasis that is Miraval. And to top it off I got to travel with two my best blogger babes @justdimpleit and @gofitjo, it was a retreat I will never forget. Today I’m so excited to share my thoughts, […]

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Yoga Tips for Beginners

Last week I posted a few tips for Yoga Beginners on my IG stories which received a great response so I wanted to create a full blog post dedicated to the topic. Yoga holds such a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to share these tips to help anyone who is thinking […]

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Healthy New Year Habits

This year I vowed I was going to be stepping away from any diets or detoxes and instead I wanted to focus on creating more sustainable healthy habits into my day to day routine! I’ve been dieting in some way or another since I can remember and I really want to move away from not […]

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My favorite gift that gives back

We are heading into the most wonderful time of the year. I love the holidays for so many reasons but being able to spend time with family, laugh around the dinner table, cook with my mom, drink wine, and create new memories is something I always cherish. This year I’m really excited because I’m working […]

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PSL Fall 10-minute Workout

It’s Fall and we are only days away from Halloween, which is crazy and that means we are only moments away from the Holidays! Okay, sorry I’ll calm down! Even though it may not feel like Fall in Los Angeles and it may not look like Fall either but this basic witch loves a pumpkin […]

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