Hi, I’m Britney, the uplifting and body-positive voice behind the FittyBritttty blog and social channels. I began my career as a fitness and wellness influencer in 2014. However, the real journey began in 2011 when I became inspired to lose over 85 pounds naturally, by incorporating healthy food and exercise habits into my routine. In my constantly evolving path of overall wellness, I’ve gained a contagious spirit of positivity—and a new appreciation for my body and the clothes I put on it. My mission is to empower women, provide inspiration and motivation to reach their goals and dreams, whatever they may be. I thrive on helping others to learn to love and appreciate their bodies, make time for themselves, and live a healthier lifestyle.



Britney is the fitness and wellness blogger and influencer behind the weight loss journey and lifestyle blog and Instagram, FittyBritttty. She transformed her life over 6 years ago by losing over 85 pounds. When she isn’t caught up in social media and blogging, you can find Britney sweating it out on her yoga mat, blending up green smoothies in her Vitamix, hanging out with her family, enjoying a glass of Rosé and shopping — because that is totally cardio, right?!

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