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Y’all know I’m not a morning person by now but once I’m up, I LOVE doing my morning routine, it enables me to feel accomplished within the first hour of my day and helps me to be more productive and have a great day overall!

Once I’m up for the day there is nothing I look forward to more than morning snuggles with Mango, making my bed, letting the sunshine in, taking my vitamins, brewing my coffee, moving my bod, and taking a hot shower using Native’s new Almond & Shea Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner! Did I mention they are sold EXCLUSIVELY at Target?!

My morning routine has evolved and grown so much over the years and just depends on the seasons as well but today I’m sharing 3 things I do each day no matter what is going on or where I am!

1. Make the Bed First Thing

Okay, I know this one sounds like your mom is telling you to make the bed as a kid but REALLY make the bed, babe! Something so simple as making the bed makes the day amazing, I promise you! It feels amazing to literally wake up and already have something crossed off the old to-do list. Not only does your room and bed feel more put together but you’ve had the chance to feel productive right away after waking up, which is truly the best feeling before taking on a busy or crazy day!

2. Move that body

3 things I do every morning to have a great day |
3 things I do every morning to have a great day |

Movement is key for me to have a great day and ever since Mango’s arrival I love waking up and going on a walk first thing in the AM! Breathing in the fresh air and letting the sunshine touch my skin has made the world of difference for me each morning! I highly suggest adding some form of movement to your morning routines! It helps me to feel my best before a long day of work!

3. Self Care Shower

After a sweat sesh, there is nothing better than a hot self-care shower! I love filling my shower up with all my favorite products like Native’s new shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, to make every shower a luxury experience!

I’ve been struggling with my hair lately (serious breakage happening over here). I started using Native a few weeks ago and I’ve already seen quite an improvement in my hair! It’s more hydrated, softer, smells amazing and I can feel it getting stronger! I love Native because I can count on them for always using clean ingredients (I’ve used their deodorant for years!) and the new shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free! The almond and shea hair products that I’m using help strengthen strands and restore softness to replenish your hair’s natural vibrancy! You can grab these amazing Native products at your local Target or online here!

What does your morning routine include and how does it help you to have a great day?! Share below!