One of the biggest reasons I used to use as an excuse to not work out was that I hated having to do my hair afterward! I mean it’s a legitimate excuse, right?! HA Not really, so instead I started doing my hair in fun gym hairstyles that could last me before going to the gym and after my workout as well to save me from spending time redoing my hair constantly!

We are all super busy and stopping to workout and then shower and do your hair again on top of all that does seem to take up quite a bit of time. Below are my 6 favorite gym hairstyles that last me all day long! They keep my hair out of my face while I’m getting my sweat in but still look cute after I’m done! Here’s to looking cute all day while still getting in our sweaty workouts and not having to waste time doing our hair afterward!




the high pony

So simple, yet so fun! I love to throw in some of my favorite extensions to give my hair some fullness and a little length too when I wear a high pony! I use the BareFootBlonde Hair Extensions in Honey Butter!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

the half up half down

I am obsessed with this hairstyle for my workouts, especially when I hit up a dance class! You still feel sassy an sexy but your hair won’t be getting in your face at all! The best part is when I’m done I throw in a bit of sea salt spray or texture spray and my hair will come through with a natural wave when it’s dry again after my workout!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

the boxer braids

LOVE this hairstyle for so many reasons, and no I don’t just wear this style to boxing class! These are fun, stylish, and perfect for high-intensity workouts but also look amazing still when you’re done! The perfect combo! A slightly different take on the boxer braids below! Half boxer braids into a straight pony! Love this style because it’s a little edgier + different than the traditional boxer braids!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

the braided pony

This is such a cute style for running, spin class, or lifting weights! With your hair completely pulled back there will be nothing in the way from stopping you to get in an amazing sweat but adding a braid give the pony a little flair and looks cute too! And it’s a hairstyle that is super easy to restyle throughout the day if your braid starts coming undone!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

the side braid

This style is great if you’re in a rush and need to just quickly get your hair out of your face for yoga or pilates. If you’re not a big sweater then it’s also great because you can undo the braid and your hair will still look amazing afterward!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

the high bun with a scarf

This is my favorite way to wear my hair for hiking, biking, and walking! I love buns for several reasons but one of them is it gets my long hair up + out of my way completely. Ever since my Europe trip I’ve been obsessed with adding in scarfs to my hairstyles and adding them to a bun is so fun. Scarves are really in right now and are sold everywhere so they are a cheap fun accessory to add to your wardrobe and gym hairstyles as well!

6 Gym Hairstyles that last all day! |

What's your favorite gym or workout hairstyle to wear that lasts you all day?! Share with me below in the comments!