Britttty’s Bungalow: The Pink Couch of my Dreams

When I first moved to LA I basically was starting from scratch on everything, I had very little extra money to spend, and having a cute designed house/apartment seemed really far off for me. But as time went on and things started picking up for me in my business, I realized I was spending so much time at home and I wasn’t in love with my space. I truly believe that you should design your space into something that brings you joy, and for me, joy meant finding a new dream couch and making my space girly, cute, fun, and creatively inspiring!

***To give a quick background, I was living in a loft in West LA, when I first ordered and received this couch and then found out literally the day after it was delivered, I had 60 days to move into a new apartment since the owners were selling the loft I lived in. So the before photos you see below are from my old loft and the after are from the new space that I currently live in!***

I had seen Joybird popping up everywhere it felt like. And then I went over to one of my friend’s apartments for the first time ever, sat on her couch and was like wow, this is comfy, and it was totally my style too (mid-century inspired!)! Then I asked her where she got it and to my surprise, she said Joybird!

So when I was looking for my new couch I knew almost immediately I wanted a Joybird couch and to put the cherry on top, I knew they made couches in pink! Dream come true.

The first thing I did was some research online and I explored their website extensively. I decided to order the swatch kit so I could decide what color I wanted to customize my couch. When the swatch kit arrived, I fell in love with the Royal Blush color and then the next day I placed my order for my customized Lewis Sectional. The online ordering process was so seamless and easy and you get to customize the couch color, the stain of the legs and the style, and how you want the sectional to be orientated. I also ended up ordering a few other fun pieces, two planters, pillows, and a beautiful round mirror (that you will see when I do my bedroom reveal)! After I ordered, I waited as patiently as I possibly could for everything to arrive!

I, of course, was second-guessing my decision as soon as I placed the order because of the color of the couch and wondered if I would really love it enough! But then the day finally arrived that it was all delivered and the couch was better than I could have ever imagined! The delivery process was flawless as well and super easy and quick, which was a major bonus in my eyes. It’s the perfect pink, not too loud, fun, and the material is so soft and comfortable and most importantly the Lewis Sectional from Joybird brings me so much joy.

Once, I got to my new apartment, I was worried that the couch wouldn’t fit but it fit like a dream and now my space feels just like me, girly, cute, comfy, chic, and a little fun! The Joybird Lewis Sectional was definitely the piece that set the tone for the rest of the look and feel of the room. It’s also the thing people comment on almost immediately when they walk into my apartment. It’s a show stopper! It’s a little deeper than most couches so it’s just the coziest place to sit and write blog posts or captions for Instagram and also watch some Netflix too! Now I just need some art work above the couch and this room is completely done! I’m so in love with how it turned out and I’m so happy with my Joybird couch!

What do you babes think? Would you ever buy a pink couch? Have you ever tried Joybird before?! If not, I highly suggest them, they also make so many amazing pet friend fabrics that are amazing options if you have a furry friend! My sister has the same Lewis sectional but in one the of the pet-friendly fabrics, and she just loves it!


This post was sponsored by Joybird, the couch was gifted in exchange for my honest review. The views, ideas, and opinions expressed here are my own. Sponsored posts help fund the work I do here on at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your constant love and support!

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