happy thursday! if you are anything like me you know what you like and what you don’t like and well, that is that. no one could talk me into trying brussel sprouts. everyone told me how delicious they were, but i was stubborn and refused to try them because of how they smelled when they were cooked.


about three years ago my hatred for sprouts came to an abrupt end. i was out to eat for restaurant week and one of the items on the menu was brussel sprouts. i was hesitant but i figured why not, they came with the meal might as well just say i’ve tried them, that way everyone could stop trying to persuade me that i would love them… well SHOCKER i fell in L.O.V.E.

i started by just slicing them in half and roasting them with shallots or red onions and balsamic and now i’m getting even more adventurous and eating them RAW as a salad. let me tell you guys – they are amazing as a salad base!!! i’m totally swooning and obsessed over this recipe. i originally found it on pinterest and it happened to be from one of my favorite healthy food bloggers, gimmie some oven. of course i knew it would be amazing and it’s super healthy too. amazing ingredients and a homemade vinaigrette that legit takes two seconds to throw together. i ate this salad along with chicken as my veggie side dish for lunch and dinner.

DSC_0425 DSC_0437 DSC_0432

i followed her recipe but cut it in half except i used all the dressing so that part i didn’t cut in half haha but hey i like a lot of dressing! i also thought feta would be an amazing addition and let me tell you, i don’t regret that for one second! feta might be my favorite cheese, shh… don’t tell pepper jack or extra sharp cheddar! ps. feta isn’t pictured because it was a last minute addition, i’m a stickler for following a recipe the first time i make then once i try it as is, i may or may not make adjustments to it! i happened to have feta and felt that it was a perfect add-in but that’s me feel free to make it however you want!

if you make the recipe let me know what else you add in or take out! i can think of some pretty amazing additional add-ins that i might try next time!

xo xo