Back in the day (like just two years ago) when I had an office job, I spent a lot of time reading blogs throughout my day, I know I probably should have been working more but reading blogs was and still is way more fun. I always loved when people wrote about what they were loving lately, so I decided it was time for me to start a little monthly post about what I’m currently majorly crushing on so I can share my current obsessions with all of you! Let me know what you think of this little series and if you want to see more!




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You guys know I have a small obsession with collagen, I’ve been taking it for about 4 months every single day and I just feel amazing when I have it daily. I can see a major difference in my nails (hello, they are actually growing and are somewhat strong again after years of acrylics) and my hair is actually growing (seriously it normally takes forever to grow). So I have zero plans to stop taking it every day. I recently was sent a brand new (available for presale now, here) collagen from Tonic Products, called Gym & Tonic. It’s unflavored, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and made from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals, so it passes every test in the book and makes my coffee extra foamy and delicious! Have you all jumped on the collagen train? What’s your favorite brand so far?!

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A couple of weekends ago my sister and I headed to a local plant store (Venice Plants) on a mission to bring more green into our loft. We made a visit about six months ago and have kept most of the plants from that trip alive so we decided it was time for more. And can I just tell you how obsessed I am with all of the new plant babies?! I mean, they literally bring me so much happiness every single morning when I walk downstairs. Watering them has become part of my daily routine and I love watching them grow (watch with me on my Instagram Stories!). Anyways, we welcomed a fiddle leaf, rubber, zebra (which I may or may not have killed already by re-potting it), and a prayer plant this time around. Do you all have plants in your living spaces or offices? If not, I highly suggest buying one! It has brought a little slice of the jungle into my daily life and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

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My newest snack crush, Bare Snacks newest flavors of the Chia Coconut Bites. These are the best snacks to grab and go. I take them to the beach and I usually have a small baggy of these stashed in my purse for emergency snacking. I also made the most delish blueberry chia pots and topped them with the chia + vanilla coconut bites and it was such an amazing combination. Recipe coming soon for the blueberry chia pots! They are made with sliced whole coconuts that are sustainably harvested and sprinkled with chia seeds, so they are a superfood snack that will keep you fueled due to the high amount of fiber from both the coconut and chia seeds! They have three flavors, chia + vanilla (my favorite flavor!), chia + pineapple, and chia + flax! Have you tried these yet? What do you think? Are you as obsessed as I am?!

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Beyond Yoga's Summer Line

If you’ve been following me for at least the last year you know I wear a ton of Beyond Yoga clothes. Not only are the yoga pants some of the softest pants I’ve ever owned they fit amazing and the company is all about body positivity, which is freaking awesome. I’ve been obsessed with their new summer line and a lot of you have been asking about the pieces so linking a few favorites below for you to check out! PS. It’s my mom the cutest, I got her a pair of matching pants for Mother’s Day this year and now she is also obsessed!

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Matcha Everything

My matcha obsession. It’s real and it’s going strong. I’ve been loving the matcha green tea packets from Trader Joes for my at-home fix. My all-time favorite Matcha drink is from Alfred Tea, Coconut Milk Matcha Boba… I was almost convinced there was nothing better until this weekend when I put my lips around a Matcha dipped croissant from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Larchmont.

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Fancy Iced Lattes

Which brings me to my next crush, the almond macadamia latte from Go Get Em Tiger. Out of this world expensive but worth every. single. penny. This was the creamiest most delicious iced coffee I think I’ve ever had. Thankfully, I live really far away from both of the locations otherwise I may go broke on lattes. You better believe though I’ll be trying to recreate this creamy latte for the blog. So stay tuned.



A Chic Toothbrush

I’ve had an electric toothbrush from Target for years and when the lovely people at Goby reached out offering to send a brand new and improved and super chic all-black electric toothbrush I agreed immediately. Not only is this new toothbrush the chicest thing in my bathroom it has a little stand and toothbrush headcover and buzzes at you every 30 seconds to move on to another section of your mouth. I don’t think my mouth has ever felt as clean as it has since using Goby. The other amazing little thing is they have a toothbrush head subscription that you can purchase along with the toothbrush, which makes my life so much easier. They are also super duper affordable at only 60 bucks for the toothbrush and about 6 bucks for new replacement heads! Do you babes use an electric toothbrush? Have you tried Goby yet?!

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Wearing All White

I’ve always been one to stray away from wearing all white, mostly in fear of spilling on myself but recently I’ve been being brave and taking risks and wearing all white is pretty much my new favorite thing to do. So what if I spill, I have to live my life to the fullest, and if wearing all white brings me joy (which for some reason it really does) then you better believe you’ll be seeing me in all white all summer! Anyone else obsessed with this combo?!

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Vere Hair Ties

I don’t know how many different types of hair ties I’ve used, probably hundreds by now and I always, always lose them or they break super easily or won’t actually hold my hair up. The struggle is pretty real when you’re mid-workout and your hair tie is seriously lacking. When I had my event last month with Physique 57, Vere Hair donated to the swag bags, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with these fun hair ties!

Not only do they hold my hair up with just two twists (and don’t leave a crease!) but they also are super strong and with a little hot air from a blow dryer or hot water they shrink back to the original size they were before using it. So say goodbye stretched out elastic hair ties, and hello Vere hair ties! And they come in some really beautiful colors!

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So that is SOME of what I am currently crushing on! What are YOU crushing hard on? Would love to hear. Share with me below!


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