Happy Tuesday little cuties. I hope you all had an amazing LDW! Today’s post is all about feeling confident in just your undies because even though underwear sets are basically the same thing as a bikini, I think it can sometimes be hard to feel confident when you’re stripped down to just your skivvies!

But today, I’m here to show you that you can be curvy, confident, and stripped down! That’s right, I’m stripped down in today’s’ post in Jockey’s new Modern Mix Signature Collection and couldn’t be happier or felt more confident while doing so! It’s funny because if you’d ask me years ago if I would ever purposefully take photos wearing basically just my bra and undies I would have laughed and said no way! But here I am and dare I say these photos were actually so much fun to take. Feeling confident in my undies didn’t happen overnight it’s taken years of working on myself to get to this point of feeling confident no matter what I’m wearing.

Curvy, Confident, and Stripped Down in my Jockey's | FittyBritttty.com

As I prepped for this shoot, I did a bit of Pinterest research to get some inspiration for poses and ideas to mix things up and get the creative juices flowing. As I browsed I noticed not one image I saw was of anyone over a size 4. I could have definitely let that discourage me but instead, it motivated me. I’m so freaking excited that I can be that body to whoever reads this and provide images of a body that has been through a lot and has come out stronger on the other side. A body that might not look like I used to weigh over 250 pounds in my jeans and a t-shirt but when stripped down to my Jockey’s you get a raw sense of just exactly what my body has been through, from scars to stretch marks, and I think it’s so beautiful.

I still think we have a lot of work to do when it comes to seeing curvy models in underwear or lingerie advertisements but I’m so excited to show off the Modern Mix Signature Collection from Jockey to you all in a real, raw, and authentic way! And honestly most days, this is exactly what I’m wearing while I’m working from home, blogging, answering emails, etc. from bed! I crave being comfortable and every single piece in the collection is so soft, stretchy, comfortable, flattering and the colors are so cute and fun. I also was immediately obsessed with the 80s style high cut brief, I don’t know why but I just feel so unstoppable when I wear anything high cut! And it always makes the legs look extra long, so I can’t complain!

Curvy, Confident, and Stripped Down in my Jockey's | FittyBritttty.com

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The Jockey Modern Mix Signature Collection also has fun hipster briefs and even the most comfortable boxers as well that I love sleeping in. I’m also always on the hunt for comfortable and soft shirts to sleep in and both the Cropped Heather Tee and the Ringer Tank Top from Jockey are what soft t-shirt dreams are made of!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and an intimate post featuring Jockey’s newest collection of bras, undies, and shirts! Jockey is truly one of my favorite brands and has been for a long long time! I love that they support all body types and enabled me to share this type of content with all of you! I’m excited to rock my curves in my Jockey’s and show you how great they can look on a curvy body! So next time you’re feeling hesitant to wear just your undies just remember if you’re comfortable, then you’re confident! It’s that simple!

I would love to hear your thoughts on feeling confident in just your undies below! Do you? Do you think this post helped you to feel better rocking just your undies!? Share below!


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