I can’t tell you the number of DMS + comments I’ve seen throughout my years on social media and even in-person comments of women looking at me and the item of clothes, I choose to confidently wear and say to me “You look amazing, I wish I could pull that off” or “Wow, so beautiful. I could never pull that off but you do it so well.”

For years I thought I couldn’t “pull-off” white denim. After all, it’s ingrained in our brains that dark denim is more flattering for women with curves, it hides your bumps and lumps they say, and dark denim promises that your thighs will look slimmer… and we will do whatever they say to shrink ourselves to make others more comfortable. To hide our true authentic bodies. How many times have you seen another woman looking radiant and confident in her light or white colored denim and thought, “gosh I wish I could wear that” or “I could never pull that off because my thighs are too big”. I’ve been there too many times to count. And to be completely transparent, this pair of white denim in this photo is the ONLY pair I own. But I saw something the other day and it hit me so hard and I had to share it…

If you are putting it on... you are pulling it off!

how to pull off anything | fittybritttty.com

Period. You, yes YOU, have the power to pull anything off that you want to wear. It’s as simple as putting it on your body, looking at yourself in the mirror, and saying YUP IM PULLING IT OFF! Stop looking at yourself and wishing for confidence or wishing for change, because girl you have the power to do whatever you freaking want!

Wear the white jeans, wear the crop tops, wear the mini dress, wear the bikini, wear the damn clothes you want! Stand tall and stand proud in whatever you put on and you will be “pulling it off”! It’s a daily challenge to wake up and choose to be confident, do not give up on yourself.

how to pull off anything | fittybritttty.com

Have fun with fashion and work on training your brain to be kind!