To close out summer, I hosted a fun end of Summer sunset beach Ice Cream Social for some of my amazing friends. It was literally an evening I’ve dreamed about for so long. It was pure magic and everything came together better than I could have ever imagined!

I’m the type of person that can get on Pinterest and see an image and get it stuck in my head so badly and want to recreate it exactly but for this, I just had to be a little bit more “go with the flow” since I wanted to be able to reuse items I already owned but still wanted to make it amazing!

I gathered as many blankets, towels, large pieces of fabric, pillows that I had laying around, some cute beach chairs, coolers, decorations, and my friend brought a table and a few other items too and we lugged everything out onto the sand to set up! I would suggest bringing a wagon to avoid having to go back and forth to the car as much as I did!

I provided a list below for all the essentials you’ll need to make a cute beach set up! This is just what I did but obviously feel free to get creative and make it your own!

how to throw an ice cream beach party |

B E A C H   S E T U P

  •  BLANKETS/TOWELS, tons of them, the bigger the better
  •  COOLERS, ice buckets, and plenty of ice
  •  MINI TABLES/TRAYS, a few cute trays to put food on, I brought both!
  •  PILLOWS, plus some poufs if you have them
  •  CHAIRS, I brought a few  if people didn’t want to sit on the ground
  •  FLORALS, fake or real flowers, mini vases, they add a cute touch
  •  ICE CREAM SCOOPS, spoons, cups, extra bowls, etc!
  • LIGHTS, candles, string lights, a lantern all will come in handy when the sun sets!

F O O D   +   B E V E R A G E S

  •  Ice cream
  •  Cones (sugar, waffle, waffle bowls, etc!)
  •  Sprinkles + Decorations
  •  Fruit + Veggies
  •  Chips + Dips
  •  Rośe, beer, fun cocktails (if you’re of age of course!)
how to throw an ice cream beach party |

First, start by laying down on of your biggest blankets or towels first, and then start overlapping all the other towel/blankets you have until you have a pretty big and circular space with enough room for everyone to sit plus till have there be some extra space!

Then set up your table/s and toss the throw pillows around and then I set up the chairs and coolers near the outside edges of the space. Then I got the table decorated and set up with the flowers, sprinkles, and food. And that’s basically it! Super simple but I had to share this fun idea!

how to throw an ice cream beach party |
how to throw an ice cream beach party |
how to throw an ice cream beach party |

Once you’re all set up, dig into the ice cream and have everyone create their own sundaes or cones! Everyone just loved all the different options and felt like a kid again!

It’s not often as adults we get to relax with our toes in the sand and ice cream in our hands getting to watch the sunset with our besties! So grab your girls, some ice cream, some rośe and head to the nearest beach or park and have a fun evening!

I had so much fun throwing this ice cream social together and I highly suggest you try this with your group of friends or family! It's a fun way to close out summer or to enjoy really anytime, because let's be honest ice cream is always a good idea!