I’m back to bloggin + Metabolic Diet Deets!

Hey Babes!

I’mmmmmm backkkkkkk to bloggin! I know it’s been about 8 months since I’ve blogged. 2016 is flying by. Moving, getting a new job, and adjusting to my new LA lifestyle took it out of me! BUT I’m so happy you’re still here reading this, it means the world to me. I will be making an effort to blog more so leave suggestions below on what you want me to blog about!

Sooooo now to the real reason you’re all here, Deets on the metabolic plan I’ve been testing! Sorry in advance for the length of this post but I wanted to cover it ALL! So here it goes…

About a month ago the team from Dr. Goglia’s new G-Plan contacted me to try Dr. G’s new metabolic online program. He is a very well known nutritionist (he created the meal plan for Khloe Kardashian — and tons of other celebs — and let’s be honest, she looks pretty darn amazing – so that helped get my attention) and is ready to share his amazing plan with the world, so he and his team created the G-Plan, an online customizable metabolic meal plan.

Back to a month ago — I wasn’t tracking my food in any way, just eating healthy, balanced meals and working out. but I was noticing that I wasn’t really making any leaps and bounds in my weight, and I was starting to actually gain a little bit back. Hate when that starts happening.

It was the beginning of summer and I wasn’t feeling my best in my bikini. Plus, who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds during summer?! Anyways, I decided after looking at the program and the components I would give it a try and see what happened. I love testing new meal plans (for those that don’t know, I’ve tried so many “diets” or meal plans, Atkins, Weight Watchers, macro counting, calorie counting, clean food only, carb cycling, no carbs after dark, etc) — it’s “weight-loss blogger” exciting because while it might be challenging it shakes things up a bit and makes me excited to try new healthy food combos and I love testing things out for all of you before I recommend them!

First things first. when you visit Dr. G’s website you are directed to take a 12 question quiz, which you can take for FREE, that tells you if you are carb efficient, protein & fat efficient or a combo of both. I took the quiz and found out I was protein & fat efficient, which basically means my body processes protein and fat more efficiently than it does carbs. Which I already sort of knew from previous experiences with the Atkins diet and when the new Weight Watchers plan launched, making fruit zero points. My body goes into weight-loss mode with fewer carbs, but life is not as fun with fewer carbs––so I was a little hesitant to see what the plan would look like once I was done with the quiz.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.49.13 PM

To see more, you have to buy the plan (there are a ton of different options plan wise) to my surprise, breakfast had a BAGEL included in it. I was like wait, what, excuse me… you want me to eat what at breakfast?! haha We are all told over and over again that bagels, bread, and all carbs, in general, are the devil when it comes to losing weight. well Dr. G. thinks a little differently, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Each week you get a customized plan according to your weight loss goals. The online platform allows you to swap out food easily and gives you portion sizes and a calorie breakdown for each meal (more on their website below). The plan is broken up into 6-7 small meals, eating every 2-3 hours, which is amazing for your metabolism. The only food group Dr. G. tells you to avoid completely is DAIRY (cheese and I have broken up for a while). I love dairy, cheese, butter, chocolate, ice cream, etc but it was actually WAY easier than I thought to give it up for a few weeks, with all the fruit you get on this plan you will NOT be craving any chocolate, I can promise you that!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.31.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.32.35 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.32.22 PM

Every week you do a 4 question “check-in” and get a brand new customized plan to follow. So each week the food suggestions change and depending on how much weight you lose in a week it will change up your portions or when you eat certain foods.

Week One was an adjustment but completely doable. I convinced my family to join me on this journey and have them do it too has made it a lot easier. I always suggest doing meal plans with a buddy. I found as I started logging my foods and looking at the plan in more detail though that their website needs some work. I also thought some of the portions sizes were way too much. he does say that you can eat what you can until you get full, but who needs 3 slices of bread for breakfast, that seemed like too much for me. I made some edits along the way with serving sizes and ate what I needed to feel full, but not stuffed.

Guys, I’m NEVER hungry on this plan. not even once. I never craved anything either and that in itself is seriously shocking. I loved getting to eat so many servings of fruit, something I used to avoid doing because I was so afraid of the carbs (sugars) in fruit.

Week Two was very similar to week one as far as the meals were concerned, the major difference was taking “bread” (anything with yeast) out of the diet and replacing them with complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, tortillas, and quinoa. Again not too difficult and I never found myself hungry at all.

Cheat Meals. Dr. Goglia encourages a cheat meal once a week. The first week the cheat meal didn’t affect the scale or my results but during week two I went more all out and the scale the next morning was horrifying. In my personal opinion, and what I will be doing from now on, is having a healthy treat/cheat instead of going all out, unless I’m seriously craving something. I definitely regretted my decision to have a cheat meal because it slowed down my progress and to me wasn’t worth the meal. You live and you learn though, am I right?

My Results. I lost about two pounds a week, which is a healthy weight-loss per week. However, I gained about 3 of those pounds back during my cheat meal and then lost them again and am back down the 4 pounds (after 2 days of being back on the plan). Overall, I was pleased to see the scale moving in the down direction instead of up and the best part is I feel pretty lean.

Overall this plan is full of healthy, clean, unprocessed foods which I truly believe is the best way to eat.  It’s worth paying for if you really have no idea where to begin with, portions and what healthy food to eat. They are also a really new program so there are some kinks and things they need to work through on their website but other than that it makes things super simple and breaks each meal down in a way that makes it easy to remember what you need to eat.

Here are a few meals and grocery hauls from the last two weeks. Everything I ate was really delish and I even was able to stay on plan (other than higher levels of sodium) while eating at Chipotle and Shophouse!


IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3897 IMG_3434


IMG_3657 IMG_3757


IMG_3747 IMG_3948 IMG_3778


IMG_3880 IMG_3879 IMG_3824 IMG_3769 IMG_3756 IMG_3977

Grocery Hauls:

IMG_3853 IMG_3739

Whew, that was a lot, if you made it all the way down here to the bottom, CONGRATS! let me know if you plan on starting this meal plan or how you are eating/plan you are following at the moment in the comments below.


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  1. Hi. I just signed up for this meal plan and this was the only site I found that reviewed it. It does seem very reasonable, but I am a bit skeptical since the calorie count seems high with some of the swaps. I was also surprised that it wasn’t advertised or more popular since he a hollywood nutritionist. I guess because it’s not gimmicky…

    Did you or your family continue it after 2 weeks? I was going to try this or weight watchers online.

    1. Hi Kim! That’s awesome, I think you will really like the meal plan and yes, I also was surprised it wasn’t as advertised but it’s a very reasonable plan and will teach you a lot about healthy meals and how to eat small meals throughout the day and you will never feel hungry!! We did continue, we did this plan for about 3 months or so (not always following it 100% but at least 80% of the time we were haha) Weight watchers is also amazing and that’s how I lost my weight originally! Both options are great! Check back in if you end up trying Dr. G’s plan and let me know how you like it!!

        1. I tried the G-plan and did not lose weight. Too much food for me. I did lose weight with Adkins and weight watchers so went back to WW. Be warned!!!! G plan is hard to cancel. They say all you have to do is go to the site and cancel, but they make you call and Representative who is trained to make you feel like you didn’t do it right to talk you into staying and keep paying membership money. Took me 3 months to get cancelled and had to turn over to BBB.

      1. Hello..i have begin to this program and i just wonder, will i still eat all that fruit the whole time? lol-i hope so 🙂 Anne Lise

  2. Hi Monica,

    I’m considering doing this G-plan but not seeing much feedback from non celebs which would be more encouraging. Are there forums on Dr. G’s plan? And what if you need to change your metabolic plan is yhat option available?


  3. I just found G-Plans through an ad on Facebook and I’m thinking about giving it a try. Like Lucy stated, I haven’t found much on it as far as outside reviews. I was working with a nutritionist for 8 weeks and she talked about similar principles and eating every 2-3 hours. However, they cost for her is at best $115 per month and $40 a month to give it a try is much more reasonable. I have been working out consistently for the past 14 months and my weight has gone up and down. I do believe it is 80% what we put in our mouth. So I’ll give G-Plan a try, at least for 30 days, what do I have to lose, except weight :-). Perhaps some people that are trying it should start a FB Group for Support? Britney, you look amazing and you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Stefanie! So true, losing weight really is about the food and being able to stay consistent in what you’re eating and when you’re eating. Dr. G’s plan is great to get you into the groove and after a few months, you may find yourself comfortable enough to not need the online services and be able to follow it intuitively on your own! I can definitely reach out to my friends over on Dr. G’s team and suggest they start a facebook support group (such a great idea!). Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and to follow my journey! Make sure to check back in and let me know what you think of the program!


    2. Hi I’m thinking of starting the plan and would love to be a part of a FB group if you start one or know of one!

  4. Thanks for this review! I couldn’t find any others online. I just signed up and hoping for good results:-)

    1. So happy you enjoyed the review of the plan! Come back and let me know how you like it after a few weeks!! Goodluck!

  5. I am just starting on my third week, and so far I really like this plan. I mainly did it to feel better, with weight loss as an added bonus. Two weeks down and I have had a lot less gut discomfort, more energy, and I’ve lost about 5 lbs and a few inches around my belly.

    I will say I haven’t followed this plan 100%, more like 80-85% and I did do a cheat DAY rather than a cheat meal…and I def felt it the next day. I would recommend just sticking to a meal and not going for an all out day – it wasn’t worth it. Stick to the meals and portions best you can and eat till you are full, not stuffed. Also, take note of how you feel after each meal and use that to fine tune the diet to YOU, because everyone’s body is different. I’ve eliminated dairy and bread (anything with yeast).

    I’ve done some research on fat/protein metabolic types (which I am) and I’ve read that we SHOULD be eating full fat dairy products, ie milk and cheese, but I haven’t been as thats one thing Dr. G said to eliminate. I would be curios to know what someone else’s experience with this food group is. Saying goodbye to cheese forever would be heartbreaking!

    1. Hi Whitney! So happy to hear you’re enjoying the plan! I agree with what you said about the full-fat dairy products if you’re fat/protein efficient – but I believe the reason Dr. G has you cut those items out at first is to see if it’s a trigger for bloating/stomach issues. If you put dairy back into your diet eventually you will be able to tell if it was causing you problems or not! I also couldn’t live a life forever without cheese! haha

    2. Dairy is no good for me. For years I had problems with my cycle to where it would come twice a month and last 10-14 days. I was literally always on my period! One day I cut out dairy just on a hunch and now my periods come like clockwork and last about 3.5 days.

      1. That is so amazing that you were able to figure it out and get your period back to normal by cutting out dairy!!

      2. Leslie: THANK YOU for sharing your discovery! It might help me (as my periods didn’t last as long as yours, but 14 days on & 14 days off/month is still too long on vs off for me)!

  6. Hi saw this ad on fbk and debating between gplans & Jenny Craig. J Craig is expensive for the food & wondering if you have tried that? Are both about eating many meals & portions?

    1. Hi! I’ve never tried Jenny Craig so I can’t tell you what I think of that program but I would pick the plan that you think you can follow for life! If you look at this new journey as a lifestyle change I would go with the GPlan because it will really teach you about portion control and to eat nutrient dense food that will satisfy you, help curve cravings, and slim down!

      1. I have done Jenny Craig. It works and is so simple. I actually got tired of the food so now I am trying G-plan. This plan seems like SO MUCH FOOD
        but I will do my best to do what Dr G says and see how this goes.

  7. Again I stumbled on your review from a face book add. Thank you for sharing, from teh feedback on this page I think I am happy with what I am doing, sounds similar anyway. I am now going to follow you Brittany thanks to finding you from this post:-)

    1. Of course, so happy my review helped you make a decision and SO thrilled to hear you will be following along! So happy you found me!

  8. Hey Britney,

    Thanks for your review it’s super helpful. I am also thinking about trying the plan at least for 30 days. Wondering if you have any advice or suggestions in terms of the questions that determine your metabolic type. I don’t really know if I fall into square shape, or long and lean. When I contacted them they just said “if you’re tall go long and lean and if you’re not go square” ….. but that’s a bit vague. I’m 5’6″ and I have no idea if that’s considered tall or not … And the differing answers changes the plan type (from carb metab to dual) . Any advice or experience with this side of things ?

    1. Hey Pooja,

      Of course, so happy you found it helpful! I just did a quick google search and it said that the average woman is 5’5 and the average tall woman is 5’9 or taller. So I would select the square shape for you. I also had a hard time deciding when I was answering the questions but did it a few different ways and mine always went back to the same plan type. You could always do 30 days following one plan and if you don’t see the result you thought you might try the other plan to see if it works better with your body! Hope this helps! Come back and let us know what happened at the end of your 30 days!


      1. There’s also a way to check what Metabolic type you are based on your cholesterol. Do you have recent blood work?

  9. Hi Brittney,

    The site advertise a phone app to help track your progress. Did you use this and where did you find it?

    1. Hi Renee,

      I don’t think they had a phone app when I did the program or if they did, I don’t remember using it! I actually ended up printing out the food lists and swaps and used my laptop to journal/track! I would email their customer support team and ask them where to download it because I just searched the app store and couldn’t find it!

  10. Hi. Thanks so much or blogging this. It was very helpful. I’m from Canada and I find that not all ingredients are easy to find. How was your grocery experience? Were you able to find most of the items say in Walmart or in one place at least? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey there! So glad you found the post helpful. I live in Southern California and was able to find basically every ingredient I could imagine at Trader Joes or my local Ralphs or Farmers Market. I would suggest eating what is in season where you live and on the program!

  11. Any vegans try this? His profile of me worried me as he suggested a vegan diet was deficient which I know from my extensive research is not true so I don’t know if he can really cater for this group. At the same time I have a lot if weight to lose.

    1. Hi I’d love to start this plan I’m in the U.K. Im wondering how difficult finding the ingredients would be also.

  12. i am considering this G plan too. However, from a cancer management angle, not weight loss. i am currently vegan, only because other research suggests to avoid animal protein. G plan suggests that i can eat 50% vegan protein but i cant see how. Do you have expereince of either vegan G plan or Gplan for cancer. (Dr Goglia says he is a 3 times cancer survivor). Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with doing this program vegan or for G-plan for cancer. I would try reaching out to their customer service team and see what they recommend!

    2. I found it was incredibly helpful when I was vegan to pick up some cookbooks with recipes with protein. I can’t think of what’s it’s called right now, but I read a book called The China Study and his daughter wrote a cookbook which has a list of high protein foods that are plant based. Spinach, mushrooms, basically anything with dark greens…

  13. Hi there, I came across the Green plan just tonight, it didn’t cover whether anyone had an underlying gastrointestinal problem which unfortunately I do..UC..ulcerative colitis..normally fit and healthy, I’m struggling to lose half a stone which would take me back to my perfect weight..do you think it’should worth me joining the planext? Great blog btw.😊

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced any medically diagnoised GI problems so I can’t speak to what will happen if you do this program. But it might be worth trying to cut out dairy from your diet. That is one main thing that Dr. G stresses. He also stresses reducing simple carbohydrates and upping your healthy fats. So if you already eat pretty healthy and workout you might not need to join the program but instead try those small adjustments to your diet and see what happens. If you feel like you need the structure of the program then join! Feel free to email their custom service team (they are awesome) and they might be able to speak on the GI problems and if people have seen a difference or not.

  14. I just saw this advertised on Facebook and I’m curious to try it however I’m a single mom on a pretty tight budget. After the trial how much does the plan cost? I can’t seem to find anywhere that says it.

  15. Hi , I’m looking at trying this out as I have been doing WW and have reached a stale mate and haven’t been able to lose any weight for ages!!! Just need to lose another 7-9 lbs. how much did you lose and how long did it take you ???

    1. Hi Leona, I think this would be a good transition for you from WW. I lost about .5 – 1 pound a week and did this program for testing purposes for about 3 months. I was already eating pretty “clean” so I didn’t see a major weight loss on this program but I could tell I was leaning out and losing inches, which was awesome! My stomach looked super flat when I was following this program and I also felt really amazing in my body, had a ton of energy and was NEVER hungry! I will say be careful with the “cheat days” and avoid cheating all day (like I did) and just have a treat meal! This program will teach you to incorporate a lot of healthy proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates and will help keep you full all day with all the small meals!

  16. I also saw the ad on facebook. Let me ask you something. Is the payment of $39. A one-time payment or a monthly recurring payment??

    1. I contacted their support team and the plan costs $39.99 a month. Which honestly (to me) doesn’t seem that bad if it works for you, and there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t!

  17. hi , wondering why i did the body shape quiz and was told fat /protein then entered again and put my bloods in and was told the carbohydrate plan, makes me feel skeptical, any ideas why? i am not good with carbs and crave sugar like an addict

    I was surprised also that the only shape he suggests is an option is pear, which is very low on visceral fat, but im definitely an apple, which is the worst for heart disease and visceral fat but it isn’t – mentioned any ideas

    1. Hi Jules, if you didn’t put all the information in the first time for the body shape quiz that is probably why it switched to a different plan. But I would recommend reaching out to the Customer Service team and asking them. Since I just tested the program, and I don’t work for the company, it’s hard for me to answer this question!

  18. Hi this is my first day of the plan and im struggling with the size of portions, im not used to measuring in ‘cups’, i had cearel this morning, i cant have got the cup size right as the portion was HUGE. I keep having to use google for weight conversions. Is there an easy solution?
    Also i cant find a list of the free foods and whether i can use sauses like pesto?

    1. Hi Tracey, I also thought some of the portions were a bit much, but he does mention to eat either the suggested portion size or enough until you feel satisfied, so it’s okay to leave some over if it’s too much. I would contact their customer service team to ask them more specifically how it could be easier for you to do the weight conversions, but I just had a simple scale in my kitchen that I always had out to weigh things! Also, you can find the free foods download here: https://g-plans.com/app/resources then look to the right-hand side there should be a “Downloads” sidebar and it’s the third one down! Goodluck!

  19. I see that once you sign up you receive a cookbook, work out DVD and a book. Are these items mailed to you within the first 30 days?

  20. Thanks! Very helpful to hear from one who has followed the program for 3 months. It seems to follow some best practices. Looks doable and this is a good time for me to try something new. Just retired after 45 years of teaching! I’m ready for increased energy. I got the program for 10 dollars off, so definitely worth a try! I think the regulation and tracking will help, as I’m strongly right brained, and rarely plan ahead.
    Thanks again!

  21. I did the quizz and came out as a carb efficient type which surprises me as i always feel quite bloated after eating pasta or pizza and it affects my digestion (constipation). I was wondering if anyone has tried the carb efficient plan and can give details on that please?
    FittyBrittty thanks for the review its one of thw only independant reviews out there although not a match to my type i found it useful to get a glimpse into what the program is about.

  22. Hi I too took the quiz and realized I amfat protein efficient, my question for you is during ur meal plans what were your go to meals and u noticed u listed pictures of some of the meals you had is there a area we can got to find the ingredients for each. I would really like to get the plan to get the plan to start out however I am trying to start out without purchasing it up front and see if my finds is actually true. Thanks so much for posting and giving us ur feedback

  23. I tried this even though I was skeptical due to the $40 a month price. The first week was rough. I’m not sure why everyone talks about how much food there is. I starved and found the food bland and unappealing. I was identified as carb efficient.

    Here’s an example of what I was told to eat:

    Breakfast: 2 T of hazelnut butter and 1 C of raspberries
    Lunch: 1 C of white rice, I cup of zucchini, 1 tomato and 8 T of hazelnut butter
    Dinner: 1 corn flour tortilla, 1 cup of sweet peppers, 3 cups of romaine lettuce, and 8 T of hazelnut butter!

    Snacks all included 1 T of hazelnut butter! At the end of the day I was bloated and hating hazelnut butter, which was on the menu for each day of the week, including snacks! Ugh! Imagine eating a tortilla smeared with 8 T of hazelnut butter, 3 C of lettuce and 1 cup of red peppers. I thought I would throw up! 🙁

    I starved! The menu was horribly bland and unappetizing. I canceled after the first week, which was a chore in and of itself. They don’t respond well to emails requesting cancellations! They want that $40 a month. It took some calling and lots of emails. Finally, I had my bank simply block the charge and let the good Dr. know that due to no response to my pleas for cancellation, I was blocking the charge.

    A Google search shows many people feel this is a scam. I wouldn’t go that far. But I definitely would not recommend it to anyone…unless they love hazelnut butter! :-/

    1. I’m on the plan, did you see where you could swap foods for the same exchange? You could swap 1 T of nut butter for 2oz of turkey, for instance…

  24. Are the dinners all recipes from the cookbook? They look delicious! Do you know if you can buy the cookbook on its own?

  25. I started this plan a little over a week ago and I have lost about 3 lbs. Although it’s not much weight, I’m feeling much better. With the amount of food recommended, I was actually worried about gaining weight. I haven’t even been able to eat all the portions because it’s so much food. Prior to starting this meal plan, I would crave chocolate or dessert after every meal. I haven’t craved a thing since I started.

    I’m one of the rare 3% with a Dual Metabolism, meaning my body processes carbs, protein, and fats equally. I was a little skeptical about how answering 12 questions could determine my Metabolic Type, but my blood work actually confirmed this. I fit all the criteria for a Dual Metabolism. I was really impressed that the 12 questions determined this since only 3% of people have this type of metabolism.

    I definitely think this plan is worth a try, especially if you hate feeling hungry and you don’t want to lose muscle! The people on the website are very supportive and most importantly, it does not feel like a diet at all!

  26. Hi question- Isnt a fat/protein efficient diet supposed to be with minimum carbs so shouldnt you be cutting out bread?

  27. I have been on this plan for a week now and I feel really good. The 7 meals a day are good and at first had to force myself to eat them all. After a couple of days I craved every meal. My sleep is deeper and on only one day have I had stomach cramps, but I believe it may be attributed to taking magnesium pills.

    The $40 a month fee is reasonable, in my opinion. The food swap-out list is extensive. My only concern is the website. I agree with FittyBitty that it needs lots of work, but all-in-all it’s workable. I haven’t found many recipes that applied to what I wanted to eat, so I cooked most meals on the grill using only spices and very little oil or sauces.

    Im sticking to it for at least a month. This first week I lost 3lbs. Not bad!

  28. I am starting the plan next week…using this week to look around the site and read all the resource material and watch the videos,,,I also bought his book as a reference….the free book they provide is only 86 pages…not the full book….I was tagged as fat/protein efficient….I asked about the bread and they told me around week two or three…he wants you to phase it out and phase more fruit out in put veggies in their place….sounds better….i was worried about all the fruit and bread!

  29. I had a bad experience with G-Plans. I stuck to the diet (water, exercise, etc.) meticulously. I actually gained 7 pounds (of fat) the first week, and gained another 3 pounds the next week. I was also sick the whole time. I asked customer service to maybe look at my plan and reduce the calorie intake, but they never responded. When I asked for them to honor the 30-day money back guarantee, they refused. I REALLY wanted to like this program, but it was a disappointment for me.

    1. Chad, I’m having the same experience with weight gain. I’m going to cut portions but the seems counter productive as I don’t know how many calories the plan is wanting me to eat…it looks to be about 2500-3000 which I haven’t been able to get to (nor would I) and seems logical that I should be gaining weight. I’m awaiting a response from them as well.

  30. I started the program a week ago. According to the site and the ads, they’re supposed to adjust my meal plan every week according to my progress and metabolic type. After the check-in, a message from Dr. G popped up saying I was going to eat fewer carbs in the evening but my meal plan was pretty much the same as the first week (only change was an addition of meat for breakfast which means more calories).
    When I asked the support staff on the chat they said they “are left in so you can cut or swap them depending on what you need”
    This started to look a bit off for me. The support responses are very robotic, there are no community or forum groups ANYWHERE, which is a bit weird for a weight loss program. Also, is really hard to find reviews or real people that have tried this.
    Honestly, I’m starting to think this is sort of a scam. Is there anyone that can tell me their real experience with this plan?

    1. Hi Yoli! I started this diet 3 days ago. I feel optimistic about it even thought i still have doubts and I think we need to be patient and wait for the results. Did you notice any change by now? Good luck with this program! Ela

    2. Hi Chad,
      How did you cancel your account? I sent an email a week ago and haven’t received an answer. I’m calling the number but they’re keeping me on hold. I’m worried they are going to keep making charges to my account.Help please!

    3. Hi Yoli,
      I also have my doubts about this program as I am having problems with the website and the meals not changing each week – that’s just one of the problems I have experienced. My dashboard is a week behind and if I have a meal that I am not supposed to have and I track it (e.g burger)it appears on the menu the following week on the same day! I asked about this and wanted to know why I was not receiving my weekly updated personal menu and the response was “as you choose items for your swap the platform will remember your selections and begin to enter them into your future meals. it does this to make it easier for you, so that you do not have to swap out each meal”.
      This is no help to me AT ALL. I don’t want the plan to remember what I ate, I want the recommendations from “Dr. Goglia” each week. Did you have any luck cancelling your account? Thanks

  31. Hi Britney! Thank you very much for your article. I began the G-Plan diet 3 days ago and I’m trying to do my best to follow the rules. Could you please explain me something regarding the foods’ exchange? Is it possible, for example, to eat 1/2 a tomato and 1/2 a cucumber instead of 1 item cucumber? I don’t know if I’m aloud to eat many types of vegetables on the same meal or just pick only one type. I’ve seen above in your pictures that you mixed some salad with other vegetables. Thank you!

  32. Hi all
    I’m in first week loving the plan but so much food! This is the first forum I’ve found so thx Britney for posting this. Am on day 4 and a couple of pounds off so am optimistic. Will do the month then decide at end.am hoping to get used to measures etc so I can continue without the platform (and fee) later.

  33. Britney – Did you receive compensation to try this program, or was your monthly fee waived to try it and then blog about it? Thank you.

  34. Hi Britney!
    I took the quiz came out fat and protein met. But haven’t start yet because they might have a problem, keep emailing me about loosing 27kg, and I just want to loose 12or 10… so I’m afraid my plan goes to a wrong weight and goes harder thinking I’m much bigger! I keep writing to them but just the tech support replies. Or when you pay and start they re do a quiz to be sure every data? Please if you could help me

    1. Hi there! Great question. I would reach out to their customer service and ask them since I’m not 100% sure how to answer you. I would think that it would be suitable for all countries though. The plan focuses on eating lean protein (Dr. G suggests lots of fish), complex carbs, and lots of green veggies!

  35. Okay…my two cents. I signed up for the plan about 2 weeks ago and answering as truthfully as possible (since some of the questions are so broad it makes it difficult to do so), I was identified as Fat Efficient. I signed up, only to find out that the 39.99 plan is not a one time fee, but a recurring monthly fee. I’ve had problems here they are:

    1. I do not like the portion sizes…they are huge to me. First week’s breakfast was 2 whole eggs, bran flakes and raspberries. Like Fitty said, all meals are customisable; however, the items that you swap out all/mostly have a higher calorie count. For instance, one snack was almond butter which I swapped out for almonds…the calorie count went from 95 to 106…but that is nominal, others are much greater.

    2. Customer service/chat is not that responsive. I have had so many complaints that force me to be apologetic for being such a pain in the rear, nevertheless, the customer service representatives are not warm and human like….like someone noted, they are quite robotic. In one of my complaints about some glitches on the site (and they are quite a few) I remarked how nothing works right EXCEPT the shop link…this brings me to point 3….but wait, to that comment they responded with a sorry for the inconvenience we are working on it. Then when I said I am thinking about quitting and please let me know how I can get my money back I received NO RESPONSE.

    3. I find that they push their freaking supplements and b.s merchandise. Now, I know it’s a business, but really if this plan does what Dr. G says it does, we shouldn’t really need all those supplements…advanced lean body and whatever else is on there.

    4. Someone on here commented on the delicious meals. Ha! Those recipes are not specific to your plan..they are just a bunch of recipes gathered together. What I mean is you are given a list of items for a meal…for instance yesterday’s lunch was zucchini, rice and shrimp. You decide what to do with it…but wait! If you cook shrimp there are additional calories involved…oil for sauteing etc…of course you can have plain old steamed shrimp…but do you see what I mean? Or dinner…sweet peppers, rice and flank steak. What are you going to do with those items so that you stay within the given calorie count?

    5. After reading through this blog here, I went back and retook the quiz and lo and behold I’m now dual efficient!!!…that seems weird to me since I only answered one question differently. I think the quiz is not comprehensive enough to really identify the types as outlined, and I fear there can be a danger here for those who may follow it faithfully without doing further readings.

    6. Lastly, I have lost 10 pounds…yeah me, but I cannot say I really credit it to GPlans since I’ve been only using this as a guideline. For instance, in one of my dinners, I was given 1 cup of rice…I felt that was way too much for me, and so I scaled it down to 1/2 a cup. I will say the idea of eating often and eating more protein (almonds) helps me to feel full…this I learned on the plan.. Like Fitty said, I am truly never hungry. Yesterday was the first day I had a sugar craving and I curbed my need for chocolate, knowing I was going to have my sugar fix with a tangerine that was waiting for me at home.

    And last last thing….I have advanced to the next week…and the plan does change week by week. I can see how it refines your foods. So that we go from 2 whole eggs (OMG) in week one, to 6 egg whites in week 2. I have already paid for the service so I will follow it as I have been…using it as a guideline for the rest of the month. I truly am interested to see how much it changes from this first month, but I sincerely doubt I will continue. If anyone here who is on the plan would like to start a group, however, might I suggest you do it on FATSECRET a free social weightloss website. I hope this long entry was informative. Good luck to all.

    1. Thank you for your detailed breakdown of you experience with this plan. I am on day 5 and am interested to know how long it took you to lose the 10 pounds?

  36. Thank you so much for the time you took to put together this review of the Goglia diet. I found the diet through Facebook and am hesitant because portion control is not my thing….actually, it’s virtually impossible since I’m ALWAYS hungry. I am encouraged that you say you were never hungry despite the photos….which for me each plate under each category would be one meal for me! I think I’ll take the plunge and do it…after all if im not happy with it, I can cancel. Thank you for your help. I wish you all of the very best. God bless.

  37. [ Cautious UK reader ] Britney do you know if the payment of 30£ or 30$ is a one-off final payment or if it is taken out every month once they have your bank details ?

  38. I’ve been on the Fat/Protein Efficienct plan for 2wks. When is the best time to have the cheat day – after a full 7 day rotation or anytime during the 7 days? Any info from anyone of this board would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,

  39. Hi !

    I am quite interested in starting the G-Plan, but I just have one trouble. The quick quiz says I am a carbohydrate efficient body, I am quite surprised to know the fact why I have not been losing weight after so many tests & trails. I am 165 pounds and aiming for a 135. I am from India and most of the diets mentioned here on the plan seems like a western culture food. Can someone help me on this?? Do I get food recommendations according to my culture and food habits? Please someone assist me on this.

  40. Hi Britney,
    I just started this 4 days ago. I felt very bloated the first 2 days. A bit better now. I cannot seem to get all 7 meals in unless I eat every 1.5 hours…and portions are huge. How much weight did you lose overall? I am concerned that I am gaining instead of losing but will wait for the 1 wk check in to weigh myself and measure. Did you exercise as well or just do the food diet? If you exercised, did you do their recommended programs or your normal workout?

  41. I’ve been considering this plan. It popped up on my Facebook and I took the free quiz but I decided to do a bit more research and this came up. The only thing that confuses me is the “ideal weight” part on the quiz because I have no idea, lol. Thanks for this post, it helped a lot and it’s good to lnpw Dr. Goglia’s plan is absolutely worth it! 🙂

  42. hi,
    i’ve just signed up and in process of planning my week. i’m a bit unsure of how the meals work. For instance, I was given Bran flakes for breakfast. Am I allowed to add (almond) milk or do I have to only eat what’s in my daily schedule.

  43. Hi Brittany:
    I am considering trying this diet. However I have a few concerns. 1-I live up in North Dakota and during our winter we don’t have any good fresh fruit and veggies. I’m not sure if that will effect the diet by much. Also do they have someone you can ask questions to if things come up. Like I can’t eat certain foods cause of medications. Do you happen to know by chance. Thank you

  44. I signed up for it and start tomorrow. The test says I have the dual type metabolism. I am worried that i didn’t answer the questioins correctly and that Im not really that type.

  45. Day 2 of G Plan. So far, so good. Yes, the portions are huge, but I have already learned to go in each night before and build my own daily plan with swaps. The 3 eggs for breakfast on Day 1 was too much with a bagel and six dates. So today, swapped it for a bagel with 3 TBSP of PB and 2 cubs of watermelon. Perfect portion and I enjoyed each bite. The loss of dairy, i.e. cheese and yoghurt is sad…but I get it. I was successful at LA Weight Loss 12 years ago and lost 87 lbs. It too was very high portions of protein. Gained all that back and more, so hoping this one works for life.

  46. Hi Everyone, just started this program, day 2 tomorrow. Yes, seems like a lot of food but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Need to lose 50 lbs, am an apple shape but the test came as dual for me. I sure hope the plan has integrity ………after reading some of these posts I’m now having doubts.

    1. I am on week 3 of this program and I am so Impressed! I lost 7 pounds in the first week alone!. The quiz said I have a dual metabolism and I got my cholesterol done and it was confirmed. I have always avoided carbs because I assumed they made me store fat. I used to only eat 1000-1100 calories EVERY day and never lost any weight. The first week I averaged 1400 calories per day, wasn’t hungry, and lost 7 pounds. The second week I upped my calorie intake to 1600 average so that my thermostat was above 80 and lost another 3 pounds. I have’t even been hungry or tempted to cheat. Loving the way I feel eating like this.

  47. Surprisingly, I’m feeling pretty great on this plan! I’m even able to drink most of the recommended water. Anxious to see where I’m at weeks end. Never hungry and I feel great!

  48. Hi I just signed on to the plan but plan on starting next week. There is a community thread of individuals that are or have done the g- plan based on the book in a website called spark people. Reading those posts convinced me to give this diet a try.

  49. Thank you for this posting. I find it very helpful regarding the G plan. I’m curious what are you doing now in reference to meal planning? I need major help.

  50. Hi! Thank you for the review of this plan. I was planning to start this diet and wanted to see the reviews and came upon your blog. I am dual efficient… whatever that means so I am intrigued to see what that entails. I am starting this week and will let you know what results I get.

    PS I am constantly jumping from one dietician to another every 6 months or so and just sporadic between working out and dieting.

    1. Hi Simrit. I’m dual-efficient also and I’m planning on starting Thursday. Let me know how your experience goes at first. I’m excited to see how I feel after eliminating dairy. I’ve never gone without it. Plus I’ve been doing keto-ish the last year or so which obviously means I’ve been doing lots and lots of heavy cream and cheese.

  51. I’ve dropped out of the program after 3 weeks. I was true to the program but did not see much in the way of results. Have asked for a refund. Am back on the Fast Metabolism Diet which worked well for me in the past.

    1. Hi Redroses: I too need to lose 50 pounds but I don’t think it will happen. I’m 67 and I’ve been 50 pounds overweight since I was 45 years old. I’m doomed and I hate myself. I wish I was fat all my life that way I would hate myself so much knowing I used to be skinny and pretty and sexy and wanted by men.

  52. I am trying this. I was impressed during questionaire. I too have fat and protein metabolism. I was impressed because at 5 foot two, 124 lbs, I put 113 as goal& was told to thin .. only 118 is recommended. Don’t see that often . I will keep posted .

  53. I just started the plan 5 days ago for Fat & Protein efficient, and am already blown away! Lost 5 lbs so far, from 162-157 and I am 5’4. I have hypothyroidism and since becoming sick from it 4 years ago with massive weight gain, NOTHING has worked like this so quickly. I’ve done yeast free, keto, Atkins, an expensive macro coach, Chris Powell’s app… you name it. My doctor advised that I should change my mindset from trying to lose weight to trying not to GAIN weight because of my thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary gland issues they can’t get under control. For the past year I’ve worked out with Sean T dvds 6 DAYS A WEEK and have had no luck losing weight or inches. I hope it continues and the results keep coming, if so, this will be actually life changing in ways I thought were no longer an option for me. Fingers crossed and optimistic!!!

  54. I signed up for the plan because it sounded ideal. I really liked that they will plan your menu and tell you exactly what to eat and in what portions. All the information I needed was at the touch of my fingertips and if I didn’t have a specific food item in house, they had a swap feature I could use to replace it. Again, the specific amounts were already measured for me. It seemed like an answer to prayer.
    The first week: I gained 5 pounds.So they eliminated my evening fruit snack.
    The second week: I lost 3 pounds. They added in my fruit snack and eliminated carbs after lunch.
    The third week: I gained 2 pounds. I have been following the food schedule faithfully and trying to eat all the food they tell me to. I don’t always get it in because by late afternoon the thought of eating anymore makes me gag. I am now heavier than I was when I started and qualify for fat pills. I am trying to get a reimbursement. An interesting fact…..when I go to look at my progress report in the app, it doesn’t show any of my weight gains for week 1 and week 3. It just shows weight loss.

  55. I had the same experience. They said the portions would be big the first week, then when it was the same the second week they said, “oh it’s the first 2 weeks”. Then again the 3rd week….still the same. They have me eating over 1600 calories a day. The only weight I have lost is water weight…

    Swapping out items never updated anything…my plan was different on the app compared to the computer, customer service is a joke.

    $40 a month is too much for this….

  56. I’m a type 2 diabetic, my diabetic md put me on an insulin pump to be able to control sugar better, and eating a lot of fruit raises my blood sugar so much. I rarely eat carbs but love home made bread n butter, only will eat a small piece with butter, if at a restaurant that serves it.Also had the gastric bypass 14 years ago n have kept it off. So what to do? Not a big meat eater but I get full so quick so don’t get enuff in to count. Help? RTR

  57. First, it isn’t very clear that all of the ‘books and manuals’ will be electronic, not sent to your home (so whey do they need my mailing address AND billing address)?? Then it’s not that clear that the membership will be monthly. I noticed this and decided I didn’t want to do this less than 12 hours signing up. I did contact them and they did stop my membership. They only discontinued future membership fees; they have yet to refund me the amount I paid into the plan already that I did not use. I never downloaded the app or went into the “personalized plan”. I wouldn’t waste your money!

  58. I have been researching meal plans for me. I found out a medication i was put on while serving in the military has a side effect of major weight gain, I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease) two years ago. I am a disabled combat veteran, entrepreneur and mom of 4. I am very active, eat healthy 90% of the time, and still 80 lbs over weight. I have talked to nutritionists at the VA they said keep doing what i am doing. I have worked with personal trainers… no results. I just sometimes want to sit down and cry. Before my time in the military, before kids, before hashimotos, before the medication. It was hard for me to gain weight, I was 110 max. I also worked out 2 hours a day 6 days a week. This struggle has been so long and so hard and everyone keeps trying to fix me. They keep saying do the AIP diet, try paleo, do keto, do no carbs, do high protien. …. I ended up putting myself in starvation mode, i was walking up to 7 miles a day and eating 1200 calories. I started to see food as the enemy. I have felt for way too long that i have been sitting at the bottom of an abyss and watching everyone else. I don’t drink pop except very rarely (and the faces i make are youtube worthy). I use my fitbit constantly. I also have complex sleep apnea so that doesnt help, just complicates things.

    I just signed up for the G-plan. I am nervous, i have tried EVERYTHING! I mean seriously. For 15 years when the swelling started. I was hot stuff and now i am self Cautious. I just ordered a fitbit blaze, a fitbit aria, and the G-plan. Yours is the 2nd positive blog review i have read. I know you are busy and may not see this, but thank you for your blog.

    My hope is dwindling but is not lost.

  59. I’m thinking about starting this. I’m not currently on a plan, but I took the quiz and it says I’m a Dual Efficient. Right now, though, I’m eating only negligible amounts of vegetables, but I lost 20 pounds in about three month when I was eating mostly salads and vegetables – far fewer grains and dairy. It makes me wonder if the quiz is accurate. I do want to eat clean and this plan seems to help balance macros. What do you think?

    1. Meg, Did you start the G-plan? How is it going? I just came across the plan, took the quiz and found my type is also dual efficient. I am skeptical because of all the diet scams out there but am also curious if this could work for me. I would love to hear about your experience if you don’t mind. Thanks!

  60. Thank you so much for your blog and reviewing this plan. This has helped me make a decision and I am going to gice it a shot. Years ago I lost about 30 lbs on LA Weight Loss. I think what helped me was someone was there to hold me accountable and a dietitian helped plan my meals for ME – my body type. I am also such a picky eater. I feel like if they give you foods to substitute, that will help tremendously because a lot of plans do not. The only thing I do not like thus far is they are not very clear as to what you’re going to have to pay after the first month. It is kind of obvious they will continue to bill you something if you stay on the program but they’re not just coming out and telling you that. But if it works, I have to say it’s much cheaper than most plans so I am going to give it a shot and we’ll see how it goes. Thank you again!

  61. I just left G-Plans. The quiz said that I was a dual efficient metabolism. The diet they put me on had way too many carbs. I am a diabetic and it threw my blood sugars really high. I even spoke to their nutritionist to get customization of my plan. For breakfast, I am given 4 rice cakes, 1 cup of blueberries and 2 eggs. Anyone with diabetes knows that is a no-no for a diabetic. I am really questioning if the nutritionist is really qualified now.

  62. I started Wednesday, and I’ve lost 7 lbs. I’m fat/protein efficienct. I did order the protein shake, and I’m happy I did, as I cannot eat all 7 meals/snacks. Most people comment on the calories. In my opinion, for someone wanting to lose weight, eating roughly 1400 calories is not bad, but I’m no expert.
    I can never accomplish eating all seven meals given or drink all the water, but that’s because I was at most drinking 16oz. Of water prior to starting and eating 1 meal a day; typically high in Carbs with a dessert.
    I enjoy tracking, I enjoy feeling healthy, and the majority of any cravings are gone. For some plans and the person, it’s a lot of food; especially me. My honest review is for $39.99, give it a serious full month, if you’re not happy, can cel.

  63. Hi there I googledG Plan two women nutritionist book came out on web, saying G Plan is to control gut bacteria. Is Dr Goglia doing the same kind of diet plan? Because they also write a nutrition diet book called G Plan. What’s the difference between these two authors(Amanda Hamilton and Hannah Ebelthide)plan and Dr Goglia’s method?

    1. So I started this plan 6 weeks ago because I’ve been diagnosed with arthritis at 38 and I just could not shake the pregnancy weight from my second child… 5 years later. And I’ve tried EVERY diet out there. I knew what I needed to do but didn’t know how to put it together. I’d suddenly developed severe acne and a crazy sugar craving, along with sporadic binge eating which was just not me. I Decided to give this a try. I did the quiz a few months before and decided against it but 6 weeks ago I decided I’m gonna give it a try. For me it has been the best investment ever. I’ve lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks, my skin is super clear, I’m not tired or hungry ever. Oh I’m fat protein efficient. Some meals are too much but I eat as much as I can and never skip a snack or meal. I have lost a ton of cm and am back in my pre pregnancy clothing. I used to be shocking with water and now hit all my goals and mainly my bones arnt hurting coz there is not dairy and inflammatory foods that I’m eating. It does look like a lot of calories but if you eat as many as you can you will lose weight. So far I haven’t even had the cheat meal once a week. I don’t feel it’s worth the after anxiety. And I drink 3 mugs of green tea a day which seems to help 🙂

    1. The calories go up and down each week. They change the weekly meal plan weekly. Some weeks 3 meals and 2 snacks, other weeks 3 meals and 3 snacks, I think week 5 I had 3 meals and 4 snacks. Some weeks you cut out red meat just for the week. Every week is different to keep your metabolism guessing.

  64. Don’t bother paying for the app! There is a monthly fee of 39 dollars, after signing up they try and upsell you to a yearly membership fee of an extra 120 dollars, which is not refundable by the way.
    The app is totally not worth it. If you want to follow the theory behind the diet according to your metabolic type then go ahead but you can do so without the app. Its totally not worth the money. Plus their customer service is rude and just terrible. Do not give them your credit card details! Visit the Better Business Bureau website and reviewopedia to read all the shocking reviews of the app and their customer service

  65. This company, G-Plans, is a scammer and totally not worth it. Don’t waste your money. A one-star BBB rating. Don’t bother.

  66. This is not a scam. I signed up for this plan one year ago and loved it. I was protein and fat efficient. When signing up, I knew that it might be a hard time to start something new because we were in the process of remodeling and I didn’t have use of my kitchen for the full 3 months. We set up a temporary kitchen in one of our spare bedrooms and I began the plan with the hopes that I could stick to it or at least keep to a consistent eating plan during our remodel. I did the three months and lost 16 pounds, 2 inches off my waist and 1-1/2 inches off my hips. I had no complaints about the food choices and I absolutely loved the app and tracking, helping to make decisions on what to eat and to plan my menus. I did not feel like I was having to purchase anything “special” and was never pressured to purchase supplements. I did have a few problems with the app but would contact the support team. The support team was amazing and answered any questions I had promptly. The only reason that I did not sign up to continue after the first three months was cost. Any extra money was going into our remodeling. I have not gained back any of the 16 pounds lost. One year later, I still have the inches lost although I don’t exercise. That’s being lazy and I need to commit, but that’s another reason to restart the G Plan in January. I’m going to re-read the doctors book and get my mindset wrapped around it again because I do believe in it and it works. People talk about too much food but I modified quantity where I needed to and it worked for me. The support team and whatever I had in writing said just eat as much as you can, so I did. It did not negatively affect the results that I felt I saw and I was quite happy. I did not skip meals or snacks I just maybe had a little less protein at times. I am looking forward to starting this up again. It is not a scam. You are eating good quality foods and getting healthy, sound advice on how to eat better, lose weight, and maintain a healthy ongoing “diet“. I really don’t see this as a diet. I see it as a way of eating and I have followed it somewhat over this past year and will focus more on myself beginning January. I’m 62 and this was easier for me than when I tried WW. I followed weight watchers to a T for six months and only could lose 9 pounds. Dr. G‘s plan saw results within the first week and I found each week the changes to my eating plan worked for me. It was easy to follow. Part of my problem has always been that I don’t eat enough calories. My doctors have told me this but when I was working I skipped a lot of meals. I’m retired now and found that this was one of the easiest things that I have done and I just need to get back onto it. When you think about it costing $39 a month, you have to look at it realistically. I know some people spend far more than just on coffee – per week! For me, I’m hoping there might be a discount when I sign up again. If not, I’ll make it work for me! I’m important!

  67. I just started literally today and the “platform” is great and the recipes are great. The app is easy to use. I am sold. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that once you choose what you want, there’s a bunch of other things popping up to buy, but such is life in a healthy capitalistic society!

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