When my Dietbet began last week, I made the decision to begin to track my macros, following IIFYM. I was considering having a macro coach do my macros but decided to try it out for myself first so that I could really learn what I was doing, by teaching myself. I calculated them myself by visiting here and imputing my personal information and my goals! I won’t post my exact macros here because it’s literally different for every single person!

I wanted to use my blog as a space to recap my week as I go through this journey. What I’m eating, how tracking went during the week, and how I was feeling energy-wise, etc. Feel free to find and follow me on MyFitnessPal as well, my username is: fittybritttty

So here goes week 1. I hope you all enjoy and I would love to hear about your IIFYM experiences below, so feel free to share!


Feels: Overwhelmed, nervous, omg–what did I sign myself up for… I need to find my food scale and re-download myfitnesspal ASAP

Food: I was too consumed with figuring out my first day and what I was going to eat to fit my macros that I didn’t take any pictures of my food. I also realized it takes a while to actually sit down and figure out every little detail of what I want to eat and then figuring out how much I can eat of it, etc. BUT I was determined and my day ended up being pretty good for day 1, I never felt hungry but I was under my macros on my protein for the day, hit my fat + carb amount.

M1: Coffee + Cream + RX Pumpkin Spice Bar | M2: (post-workout) Chocolate green protein shake | M3: Turkey Sammie + Hummus + Health-Ade Kombucha | M4: Powercrunch bar | M5: Ground turkey tacos | M6: a glass of bubbly

Workout: Corepower Sculpt + Dietbet MOTD


Feels: Still struggling to track everything, especially figuring out recipes that I’ve created on my own. When I cook sometimes I sort of throw ingredients in and I don’t measure and it makes it super hard to track! So I was trying to be better about taking notes when I was cooking so I wouldn’t forget. I think this is why macro trackers usually eat super simple meals…

Food: Still way off my actual macros, having a hard time getting in enough protein, have a super easy time eating healthy fats and carbs (go figure, HA!)

M1: Coffee + Cream + 2 eggs + Pumpkin TJ waffle + Syrup | M2: Honey roasted butternut squash + homemade granola | M3 Leftover Texas chili + TJ’s cornbread muffin | M4: Ground turkey taco salad

Workout: Rest day + Dietbet MOTD


Feels: Amazing, down 2 pounds (yes, probably water weight but I’ll take it!)

Food: Got creative today with my breakfast and totally wish quinoa had fewer carbs because I could eat it all damn day. Clearly carbs and fatS are my favorites, still under on my protein.

M1: Coffee + Cream + quinoa + honey roasted squash + raspberries + walnuts + 2 eggs | M2: (post-workout) Chocolate-banana protein shake | M3: wheat crackers + sliced chicken breast + hummus | M4: Chicken Souvlaki salad | M5: Apple spiced tea + Kettle Corn

Workout: Corepower Sculpt + Dietbet MOTD

dinner day 3


Feels: Felt more hungry today around 3pm and 530pm, was VERY hungry for dinner at 630, period week…(enough said, ladies, I know you understand!).

Food: First day I actually accomplished taking a picture of every meal before I ate it! Go me! But sadly WAY under on protein and now I know why I was so hungry…

M1: Coffee + cream + Kodiak Cakes Waffle + Rasberry Chia Pudding + Raspberries + SF Syrup | M2: (post-workout) Chocolate protein shake | M3: Quinoa + squash + raspberry chia pudding + walnuts + homemade granola | M4: Ground turkey taco salad | M5: Apple spiced tea + Kettle Corn

Workout: Corepower Sculpt + Dietbet MOTD


Feels: Pretty great, down another pound! Woke up pretty hungry today and made a big breakfast. This is normally the day that I want to go out for dinner after just starting a new plan but decided to make a protein pizza instead, WINNING! It was so so so good, the recipe for the crust is from MindOverMunch!

Food: Did better on the protein intake today, I find getting plenty of protein in at breakfast is KEY to getting enough in for the day! I also had carbs leftover, SHOCKING. But I went over my count on my fats. Completely a work in progress over here…

M1: Coffee + cream + chocolate banana walnut Kodiak cake waffle + 1 egg | M2: (post-workout) leftover chicken souvlaki + jasmine rice + hummus (was SUPER hungry after my workout today!) | M3: 2 slices protein pizza (toppings included: tons of veggies, some pepperoni, and sausage)  M4: Apple spiced tea + Kettle Corn

Workout: CorePower C2 + Dietbet MOTD

breakfast day 5


Feels: Back up a bit on the scale, hoping from period fluctuations and not from the delicious pizza I made the night before… will never actually know. Also, I decided I would try a new pre-workout drink that sort of ruined my day by making me feel almost sick and shaky all day. I never take pre-workout and won’t be trying it again anytime soon.

Food: I knew that I was going out to dinner tonight so I made plans to lower my carb and fat intake throughout my day to allow myself the freedom for a treat either at dinner or for dessert.

M1: Coffee + cream + egg white/egg and veggie scramble + 2 slices bacon + toast + jam | M2: leftover 2 slices of protein pizza | M3: raspberries + sliced chicken breast | M4: Salad at Javiers + chips + guacamole + salsa | M5: mini DQ oreo blizzard (ate almost all of it and it was so good!)

Workout: 75 minute CorePower Sculpt + Dietbet MOTD


Feels: Felt a little bloated from the Dairy Queen but fueled up with breakfast and went for a walk/run by the beach to help burn a bit of that bloated feeling off!

Food: Stayed on track today and actually had a very high amount of protein, felt hungry in the late afternoon but once I had 3 slices of turkey deli meat I was much better. I also had 3 pieces of Halloween candy but it fit into my day so it worked out!

M1: Coffee + cream + 2 eggs + 2 slices of bacon + 2 blueberry whole wheat pancakes + SF syrup | M2: (post-workout) vanilla-banana protein smoothie + turkey deli meat + hummus + 1 tbsp PB | M3: Grande Skim 2 Pump Vanilla Latte | M4: turkey deli meat | M5: Skinnytaste Kung Pao Chicken with Zoodles + 4 potstickers | M6: 3 pieces of Halloween candy (kit-kat, twix, PB cup)

Workout: 5k walk/run


Week 1 in the books! I’m really happy with how this week went! I stayed on track, I tracked every single day, every meal, even the treats. I felt energetic and most of the time very full an satisfied with all my meals.

Goals for week 2 are to really focus on getting in my protein for the day, each day. Continue to track the good and the not so great and to stay strong with my workouts!

Here's to a super successful week! Let's do this!