the beginning

august 11, 2010. 23 years old. i walked into a weight watchers meeting. this was the beginning of my journey and i didn’t even know it. i had walked into weight watcher meetings so many times before, with the hope to change but this time was finally different. i stepped onto the scale like i had done so many times before and saw my starting weight. 250 pounds. two hundred and fifty pounds. i was measured at 5’8, given my materials and joined the other meeting go-ers in a semi-circle near the back of the room. my mom (my weight-loss partner in crime) was with me.

before i go any further i feel like it’s important to talk a little about how i got to that number. because just like losing the weight took time, i didn’t gain all my weight overnight either.

i had been overweight ever since i can remember. my weight had always been an “issue”. my parents and grandmother would try to bribe me with money, gifts, clothes, etc. to loose ten pounds or to stop eating snacks after school. even with all the discussion of my weight i honestly didn’t seem to care and my weight never really bothered me. it only bothered me when the ones that loved me the most told me that i was fat. it drove my younger sister crazy that i was overweight and she would constantly try to monitor my snacking, yelling at me every time i tried to snack, “you’re fat!” but i just took it as sisters being sisters. she still loved me, so did the rest of my family, but they were clearly worried about me and how my weight was going to affect my future.

going through old boxes recently in my parents storage room, my youngest sister discovered a diary i had from 11 years old. eleven. i wrote about how my grandmother told me i was overweight and that she would pay me for every pound i lost. i wrote about how it made me feel and i even said i would think about it. but how does an 11-year old lose weight? i didn’t even know why it bothered her or anyone, i was comfortable with myself and i loved myself. but i told her i would work on it. i just thought one day i would grow taller or stop being so hungry all the time, but that never happened.

instead things just kept going, life kept moving, and i continued gaining weight. i was really active as a kid and teenager. i did soccer, played violin, swam on a year-round swim team and still got a’s and b’s in school. i just couldn’t seem to lose any weight. i went to jazzercise class with my mom, went on power-walks on the weekends with family but i would snack heavily before dinner because i would be so hungry and then i would eat dinner and dessert. my mom started thinking i had a medical problem that made it impossible for me to lose weight. she had me tested so many times for thyroid problems but that was not to blame. i was perfectly “healthy” in that regard. but i just kept gaining.

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when i got to high-school, things slowly started to make more sense to me about my weight gain and by the time i was a junior i decided to try the atkins diet over summer break (with my mom.) i will never forget the first day we stood in the kitchen thinking of what to make for lunch. we got out mayo, mustard, deli meat, sliced cheese and sat down with plates full of meat and mayo. thinking back on that day now, it honestly makes me sick to my stomach! i did the atkins diet for 40 days straight. i became obsessive, even peeing on ketosis sticks daily to make sure my body was in ketosis. i was losing a pound a day (not healthy at all!) but i was finally feeling great, my family was happy, and i had baggy jeans dropping off my waist and butt. a first for me at the time.

fortunately, i had to get a physical to join the swim team, during which they discovered that i had extreme amounts of protein in my urine, which was extremely dangerous. i explained to them that the reason was because i was in ketosis and they told me to stop immediately or else my body would be in danger. i returned home that day and told my mom what the doctors had said. i was so upset and thought they were wrong, but i had to pass the physical so i started slowly adding carbs back into my diet in hopes that my protein levels would even out. well they did and the doctors approved me to swim. however, after 40 days with almost no carbs i went crazy with the taste of carbs again. i ended up gaining all the weight i lost and more back by the time i graduated high-school. looking back at this experience i realize how unhealthy and how much harm i was doing to my body by eating that way. i thought i was being healthy because i was losing weight but in reality i was damaging my body further.

i had actually been to several weight watcher meetings with my mom growing up. i knew what it was and i had seen my mother have her own transformation. but i was never ready to fully admit that i had a “problem” or that i needed to make a change with my body and my mind until all of a sudden.

so i went off to college and ate horribly, completely stopped working out (other than walking up a few hills to class or dancing at a frat party), began drinking, baking cookies and cakes in our dorm rooms, and was going out to eat constantly. food was a social thing, it was our excuse to take a break from studying, it was a time to have fun with friends and it was chipotle every thursday and saturday night because we were all addicted.

in my sophomore year of college, i decided i would try to lose weight again. my grandmother offered to pay for nutrisystem. i thought at first it would be great; never have to think about what i was going to eat and wouldn’t have to make weekly trips to the market. i ended up following the nutrisystem meal plan for about 3 or 4 months. i stuck to the prepackaged food and lost about 20 to 25 pounds. i started getting compliments about my appearance but also questions about why i was never at the cafeteria or going out to parties. i started to slowly think more and more about nutrisystem and how i was supposed to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life. i thought to myself there is no way i will be able to eat this food every day for, forever. i also didn’t understand how it would keep working, wouldn’t my body get used to it and just stop losing weight? i over thought the entire process for weeks and slowly returned to my old habits, gaining everything i lost back and more.

i graduated from college two years later and got my first graphic design job. i went out with coworkers every day for lunch in “fast-food” alley (think every fast food place imaginable). i went to happy hours and out to dinner because i was too tired to cook.

i honestly hate to even write this out and i hate to say that this is what broke me down and made me finally finally realize i had a problem, but here it is – i’m going to say it. i was visiting my then boyfriend and we were talking about what to eat while driving back to his house, and he looked at me and said he was tired of being over-weight and he thought i had also recently put on some extra weight. i was so upset, he was the one person in my life who never had a problem with my weight. he never mentioned it and he always said i was beautiful and now he was saying what my parents and grandparents and society had been saying all along. i was furious, i was confused, and i was sad.

we ended up breaking up that weekend and my life changed forever. i went back home and was upset for a while and then one morning i literally woke up and said that enough was enough. just. like. that.

i know that people really don’t believe me sometimes when i say that but it honestly just finally clicked. my mind decided okay i’m ready to do this. i didn’t think any more about what would happen or how long it would take or how painful and exhausting it would be. i didn’t think about it at all, i just did it.

that is the best advice i can give someone is to not over think the process, don’t question it and don’t be afraid of change.

if you’ve made it this far, i congratulate you! i truly appreciate you reading this and i hope that by sharing this piece of my journey it will help you start or continue on yours. i will be writing several more posts on my journey to help answer anyone’s questions about the process. stay tuned.

xo xo


ps. the pictures range from highschool graduation (05) to my college graduation (09).


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope one day I can get up and have that same feeling. You are an inspiration. Keep up the hard work!

  2. You were a “good eater” from way back – I remember babysitting you and Sam, and feeding both of you baby food. I gave you a spoonful and then one to Sam (different spoons and jars, of course!), and I remember being startled when I turned back to you to see you sitting there, so cute, with your mouth wide open, waiting for another spoonful. Sam never did that…but in the long run, he ended up being overweight in his jr high/hs/college years, so obviously it’s just something that a lot of us do.

    Anyway, I’m really proud of how you’ve taken control of your health and fitness – you were a beautiful baby and are still a beautiful young woman.

  3. You are so inspiring. I love that you shared your story. It is really helping me out with myself and with my daughter. Thank you….

  4. Thank you for this! I know it takes strength on so many levels to not only write this but live this journey. Part me of me feels like I’m 34 (almost 35) and the thought of how long this process is scares the heck out of me! Can I do it? Will I make it this 100th time around? Will I be able to keep it off this time? I’ve just set myself back so many times that I don’t even have faith in myself. I’m just taking one day at a time. One weigh in at a time. I follow you on Instagram (the_shrinkingstylist) and you inspire me and I hope one day I can relate to how much happiness a healthy life can bring.

  5. Thank you for being so transparent! You’ve Inspired Me
    I recently went to a plastic surgeon to see about getting a tummy tuck and breast reduction. I have about 80 lbs to lose. The surgeon said that I am a good candidate but. Your page has inspired me so much. Maybe I will pass on the tummy tuck and actually get all the weight off first. You rock!

  6. Have literally been reading everything in your blog for the last 3 hours. I am so inspired by you and as a fellow xi I am so excited to restart my healthy lifestyle and be able to find inspiration through you and your posts! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Awwwww, that means the WORLD to me, seriously! Thank you for commenting and letting me know! You are going to do amazing things girl! TFJ

  7. Are you still doing weight watcher’s … I feel nothing in doing is helping me lose weight. I exercise, lift, eat no more than 1600 calories mostly clean low fat n carb but nothing.

    1. I’m not doing Weight Watchers anymore, however, I am still using what I learned from all the Weight Watchers meetings I attended. Have you tried Weight Watchers before? I ALWAYS recommend it because it pulls people away from calorie counting (which isn’t necessary all that matters) and it gives you a community of people who are in your same situation and can provide amazing support, advice and encouragement! Your body might just be used to what you have been doing also, so try switching up your meals and workouts and see if that helps! Also drink loads of water!

  8. This truly brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been following you on Instagram for a long time, but have never read this till now. Wow. This is me. I fall off the wagon so many times and I truly hope one day my light bulb goes off and I finally just get it. Hopefully sooner than later. You are a truly amazing, inspiring, genuine, person and I thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment Natalie! You will have that moment, I can just feel it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, truly means the world to me!

  9. Hi, I am now to your blog but thought I would check it out. I saw you drink bulletproof coffee too, but do you do low carb? I saw you did it years ago and had issues with too much protein in your urine? Is that normal? I have no luck with weight loss unless I lose the carbs and I hear all this good stuff about it, what is your opinion? Thanks

    1. Hi, Julia! I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for about 2-3 weeks as my breakfast and trying it out to see how my body feels, I’m not necessary on a full-time low carb diet, there are days I have pretty low carb but other days I crave a lot of fruit and veggies, and even traditional carbs like potatoes and bread! When I was eating low carb before I was in a state of Ketosis for almost 30 days straight which is a long time to stay in ketosis. There is a bunch of new research out about the keto diet and about how healthy fats are so good for you and so I’ve basically been experimenting with it. I don’t follow a super strict diet plan, though (since I’m maintaining) but I love to try out different ways of eating, etc. Lowering carbs is great, as long as you don’t feel too deprived and are still getting veggies in. I also find my body does the best, weight loss wise, with fewer carbs, but everyone is different! Hope this helps! I would do some research on the Keto diet and also there is a book called Eat fat, Get Thin and it had some great recipes in it and some good insights as to why a higher fat and lower carb diet can be great for losing weight. Hope this was helpful! My best advice is to do plenty of research/read up the diet plan + experiment and see what works for you and your body and what makes you feel the best!

  10. Your story is almost identical to mine, I grew up the same way. Always trying some new diet with my mom… I have also tried Keto recently and I just don’t feel like it’s healthy or for me. So back to weight watchers I go!

    Great work!! Thank you for sharing and making me feel like I wasn’t the only one to grow up that way.

    1. Yes girl, so happy to hear you are going to Weight Watchers, gotta find what works for you and keep with it! Thanks so much for reading through this post, means so much. And you’re welcome, I share for that reason exactly, so people know they aren’t alone! xx Britney

  11. Your story is mine. From childhood and family pressure to your aha moment. Just. Like. That. Never looked back. I lost 100lbs 9 years ago on weight watchers and transformed my life. Became a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor. Every day I get to motivate and inspire people to love themselves and be the best version of themselves. It’s the most rewarding thing ever. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I feel like I just read my life story. I have been up down and everything in between. I have done it all. I lost 65 lbs two years ago on a protein diet. I maintained but lost my father and all focus for living healthy or making conscious decisions. I am up 35 lbs but feel worse than ever. The cycle is awful. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully I can find my moment

    1. You will find your moment, I know it! I’m so sorry to hear about your father, I can’t imagine. Life definitely has its moments but you will find your groove again and find that happy balance eventually, it’s just a matter of making time + staying dedicated!

  13. I can’t believe how much I can relate to everything you’ve shared in your story. My grandmother also offered to pay me dollar for pound lost – I tried extreme diets etc. I’m now at a point where I am at my heaviest and keep waiting for that ‘click’ moment. I’m so ready – I feel so trapped. You’re truly an inspiration. Thank you!

    1. Hey Hana, OMG it’s so crazy to me that so many women can relate to my same story about being paid to lose weight! You will have that “click” moment as soon as you’re ready to! You have to believe in yourself to make the magic happen! Thank you, thank you for the sweet words too, means so much to me!

  14. You are so fun to follow and really inspire me. I am currently in the process of losing weight after my first baby, but I have been slowly gaining for years. I am hoping this time is it!! Following you truly does help 🙂 thanks!

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