#SayHi to Spring Confidence

There are so many things in life that I absolutely love, but a few of my favorite things include the first signs of spring, fresh blooms, floral dresses, the color pink, and confidence. Lucky for me Old Navy came to me to create a beautiful spring look to share with all of you to show off their new spring collection with confidence as your best accessory! This post is sponsored by Old Navy but as always all opinions are my own.

I talk a lot about body confidence and confidence in general and one of the questions I get the most is “How can I dress to feel more confident?” This is something I honestly used to struggle with myself. As a woman of any shape and size, you want to feel good in your clothes! I’m really excited to share my tips for dressing for confidence below!

One tip I always give is to DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE. It’s so important to find what looks good on you and your body type! Dresses for example come in a few different lengths and personally, I know I love a midi length dress! The mini dresses are too short for my comfort/long legs and the floor length dresses usually are a bit too long for me, so midi length is my perfect dress length! That’s why I’m so obsessed with this Fit and Flare Cami Midi Dress from Old Navy! It took several times of going out in my twenties in way too short of dresses and constantly feeling uncomfortable to realize that they just aren’t for me. When you find a style that works for you and that is what you wear you will feel so much more confident and you won’t be constantly pulling down your dress or skirt! This will also make shopping so much easier and less stressful instead of trying on a bunch of things that you know won’t work for you or won’t make you feel confident grab the items that have a chance and walk out of the fitting rooms with a smile on your face instead of tears!

Another favorite tip of mine is to DRESS TO IMPRESS. When you’re dressed well, I can guarantee you will feel so much more confident and happy! That doesn’t necessarily mean “dressed up” or “spend a lot of money on your clothes” it just means put together. So head over to Pinterest or even your favorite online shopping website and style an outfit, have fun and get creative, try new trends and just watch how different it feels to step out of the house feeling put together, confident and fabulous! I love getting style inspiration from fashion bloggers I follow and I’m also known to buy an entire outfit that has been styled already online! Hey, it’s styled that way for a reason, it looks fabulous on the model why not try it out on yourself, right?! That’s why I paired the yellow floral dress with this pink buttery soft, candy-colored suede motto jacket from Old Navy. This outfit is full of color but the pattern with the solid jacket balances everything out! Then I added a fun pink sock and neutral heels and my favorite hoops for a trendy spring look that’s full of confidence!

My last tip to dressing more confidently is to STAY TRUE TO YOU. Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean you necessarily have to wear it or that it’s your style. My friend Rachael texted me the other day with an awesome leather jacket she found, that she had been on the hunt for, she finally made the purchase because she found one that stayed true to her style, simple and classic. I have totally been guilty of purchasing items just because they were trendy when I was younger to find them still hanging in my closet with the tags on. I just didn’t’ feel confident in the clothes to wear them. Over the years I have found that buying pieces that are true to who you are and what your style is key to dressing confidently.

Old Navy has so many amazing options right now for spring to #SayHi to dressing confidently! What do you all think of this outfit I put together, would you wear it?! I’d love to know in the comments below! Make sure to head over to oldnavy.com to check out the entire spring collection!


This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Sponsored posts help fund the work I do here on Fittybritttty.com at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your constant love and support!

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