I have always loved buying sports bras and workout clothes in general but sometimes finding the perfect sports bra can be a daunting task. There are so many brands and so many options now and it can sometimes be overwhelming!

I have sports bras that are years old and ones that are just a few months old but the one thing I’ve learned over time from buying bras is that I need higher support no matter what I’m doing activity-wise.

You might be thinking, ummm Britney but you really don’t have that big of boobs why do you need all that support?! Well even though they aren’t super big the girls have been through a lot with my weight loss and need all the support they can get!

Let’s dive right in! These are my personal favorites from my collection. I like all of these for slightly different reasons but in general, these are all supportive options as well as fashionable!



Sports Bra Roundup


VS Incredible Front Close Bra

I bought this one during the last semi-annual sale and have since fallen madly in love with it and am counting down the days until the next big sale! it’s supportive, comfortable and I love the front closure. it makes it extremely easy to get off after a sweaty workout. come on girls we all know that over the head sweaty struggle haha


Old Navy Racerback Bra

You seriously can not go wrong with this sports bra from old navy. It’s extremely affordable at all times and it’s my most comfortable bra while also being supportive. I love the higher cut of the top part so my girls aren’t falling out the top during down dog.


Nike Pro Classic Bra

Nike always has the best patterns, I feel strong and powerful when I wear this bra. it’s nice and tight around the bust but the straps never dig into my shoulders/arm area. I have a few different versions of this same bra, old faithful.


Fabletics Sintra Bra

First, I could do a whole post just on fabletics — if you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a monthly membership which buys you a whole workout outfit (2-3 pieces) each month! You can always skip a month too and you won’t be charged! They are always coming out with the cutest new patterns and when this bra came out I made sure to order it and I’m so happy I did! It’s one of my go-to bras now and I love the pattern of it!

I hope you enjoyed the roundup of my favorite sports bras! leave a comment below if you have a favorite one that I didn't post about! I'm always on the search for new favorites!