From HIIT Obsessed to Yoga Lover

I’ve mentioned my fitness journey more times than I can count but I realized recently I’ve never fully dived into how my fitness journey has evolved over the years! I used to be the girl that had to do the hardest, most intense, sweat-inducing workouts in order to feel accomplished in my fitness journey. I […]

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Yoga Tips for Beginners

Last week I posted a few tips for Yoga Beginners on my IG stories which received a great response so I wanted to create a full blog post dedicated to the topic. Yoga holds such a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to share these tips to help anyone who is thinking […]

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Rock Your Resolutions!

I can’t believe we are already TWO weeks deep into 2017!? Like how is it possible?! Time is freaking flying by! How is everyone doing on their new year’s resolutions? Personally, I was feeling sort of meh the last week, getting back to a routine is sometimes super difficult. I haven’t really shared with you all […]

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