I have been really walking up a storm these past few weeks! I haven’t had the urge to run but walking has been filling me up and making me feel so happy. It’s my daily chance to get some sunshine, blast some great tunes, and rock a super cute workout look, like this one from lululemon!

But recently on my walks, I’ve been incorporating some HIIT moves every two blocks or so! I’ll walk and then stop and do a HIIT exercise for about a minute then I’ll keep walking another two blocks and stop again and do another HIIT exercise! It makes my heart rate go up (like it would when I would run) and then I give my body a break and let my heart rate come down as I walk after the high intensity. It’s honestly the perfect combo and makes my walks more fun and fly by! Some of the exercises I like doing are walking lunges, high knees, side shuffles, squats, frog jumps, ice skaters, the grapevine, and monster walks! You can also drop down and do moves like pushups, bicycles, mountain climbers, any ab move, etc! The options are truly endless.

I love this outfit from lululemon because it keeps up with all the types of HIIT movements I do! I don’t have to adjust the Invigorate High Rise Tights at all once they are on and they even have pockets to hold my keys and phone! The Geared to Train sports bra keeps my girls in place even when I’m jumping and doesn’t dig into my shoulders! The sports bra is also super comfortable and really supportive especially for gals with bigger chests. I also love that the leggings and bra are both quick drying. It’s already so hot here in Los Angeles and I sweat so much during my walks and workouts so these are great because they dry quickly!

lululemon also has my absolute favorite yoga/workout mats! I know a lot of us are now working out at home so I figured I would share my two favorites! This one is great if you like a thinner mat and this one is great if you have knee issues or just prefer a thicker mat! Both hold up so well, I’ve had mats from lululemon for years and still use them!

walking HIIT workout | fittybritttty.com
walking HIIT workout | fittybritttty.com

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I hope you try this fun walking HIIT workout next time you’re out on a walk in your neighborhood! Let me know if you try it below!


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