It’s always interesting living in California during the holidays. Some years we’ve had 80-degree weather and some years, like this year we’ve had high 50s, clouds, and rain and just for a second you can actually pretend it’s winter. I’m trying to get into the holiday season as much as possible this year and I really wanted to go ice skating! Fun fact about me, I used to take ice skating lessons for a few years when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. I guess I actually was pretty decent at it too but when we moved away from Virginia and to Arizona it was hard to keep up ice skating because there wasn’t an ice skating rink nearby. Anyways, it’s been a few years since I’ve had a chance to ice skate and I was so excited to try it again. Of course, I get dressed up in this cute outfit from Walmart and drove to the cute rink they set up every year in Santa Monica and it wasn’t open! Go figure but I made the most of it because this is the cutest winter outfit, perfect for a day of ice skating, a date, or even a holiday party! The options are truly endless and Walmart has so many amazing holiday looks that are curated just for you!

winter trend: mixing textures |

What I love most about this outfit though are all the different textures that are happening. Mixing textures does not have to be tricky at all and you shouldn’t be afraid to try it either! My biggest tip when going to mix textures for an easy and effortless cool-girl vibe is to make sure the color family is aligned! As long as the colors of all the different pieces look good together you can really play with texture as much as you want! I was immediately drawn to the faux fur chevron jacket of course when I was shopping online at and saw that it was paired with a chunky oversized sweater and then found this perfect metallic pink skirt to make this outfit really pop! When I got it in the mail I loved out textured everything was and how all the colors really complemented each other.

I’m wearing a size large in everything but I suggest sizing up on the jacket if you’re planning to wear it with an oversized sweater. The jacket fit me with the sweater underneath but it wasn’t super comfortable because it was a little tight in my shoulders, so I personally need to exchange mine for a XL. The sweater is incredibly soft and the jacket is too! The skirt has a nice stretchy waistband and is flowy and is the perfect skirt for twirls or spins! And the rose gold shoes were the perfect shoes for this outfit! Every single time I order clothes from Walmart I’m always so pleasantly surprised and happy with the quality, fit, and price! Also, all these pieces are from their new brand called SCOOP! I swear every single one of the Scoop branded items is just so so cute, so you really can’t go wrong! I promise! And they have so many amazing pieces for the holidays.

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What's your favorite winter activity? And let me know below in the comments if you would ever wear an outfit like this and mix so many textures!


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