Ahhh Spring is definitely here and it’s been a solid three months now since the beginning of the year. If you’re anything like me, you started out the new year feeling motivated, invigorated, and refreshed, but now three months later you’re a little over it. You’re even over all your workout clothes you got as gifts over the holidays, haha, even I’m guilty of that! I mean how many days a week can you really do the same thing over and over again without getting tired of it? I know for me, that I tend to get bored pretty easily and start to crave a change before I lose motivation completely.

I’m a huge fan of routines and sticking to them but every three months or so, I find that I need to switch it up to keep myself motivated and excited about my fitness routine. I used to feel so lost when it came to refreshing my routine but now I have three go-to tips to get me excited and keep me motivated to reach my fitness goals.




3 ways to refresh your workout routine for spring | fittybritttty.com

Try a New Workout

Break out of your comfort zone and your routine and try something completely new to you! I know that this can seem scary (check out my post on gym intimidation for tips to help with this) but it can actually be a lot of fun to do something completely different and new to you. There are a ton of apps and boutique fitness options to choose from or even check out a class you’ve never taken at your gym. I recently tried Hot Pilates and completely fell in love with it. You never know what you might love until you try it! I love trying new classes or styles of workouts to see what I like and when I find something I love, I begin to incorporate it into my new routine. When I add in that new workout, I look forward to going instead of thinking of excuses not to go!

3 ways to refresh your workout routine for spring | fittybritttty.com

New Workout Clothes

Nothing seems to get me more excited than a new workout outfit. Maybe it’s just because I’m super girly but something about new athleisure brings me so much joy. Not only can new workout clothes bring fresh motivation and a great reason to not miss your workout but with spring comes so many fun new patterns and colors. I’m especially loving the workout patterns at Old Navy right now. They always have the best prints. Bold floral patterns and stripes are such a fun combination and something that is a little funky and fresh and when I saw this set, I knew I had to have it! Shop my Old Navy pants here, my bra here, and my jacket here!

New workout clothes don’t need to be expensive and that is another reason why I love Old Navy activewear. It’s affordable, fashion-forward, and actually very functional. The pants pass the squat test and the sports bras at Old Navy are some of my absolute favorites. Make sure to head over to oldnavy.com to check out all their new athleisure, they also have some super cute hats and accessories!


Take Your Workout Outside

The easiest way to shake things up for me is to get out of the studio and gym and hit the pavement for a walk or run by the beach! If you don’t have a beach nearby, head over to the nearest park or outdoor track, and get your workout on! Outdoor workouts can be different every single time and you can get super creative which will make things more fun. Bodyweight HIIT workouts, running, walks, stairs, hiking, and even outdoor yoga are all amazing examples. Sometimes in the winter months, we can get the feeling of being cooped up and like we need a fresh breath of air. When you take your workout outside and breathe in fresh air while sweating it can be one of the most detoxing things you can do for yourself. Whenever I workout outside too, I feel so renewed and refreshed afterward and every single time I feel happier and more motivated to continue on my fitness journey.

3 ways to refresh your workout routine for spring | fittybritttty.com

These three tips help me almost every time whenever I’m in a fitness rut. Implementing a new routine + some fun new spring workout clothes can be fun and help keep your body guessing and working hard and most importantly you won’t find yourself lacking motivation because you’re doing something new, exciting, and wearing fun new clothes while doing so!

3 ways to refresh your workout routine for spring | fittybritttty.com

I would love to hear your fitness refresh tips below! What new workouts are you trying this spring? What new athleisure trends will you be trying? Let me know in the comments below!


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