I grew up eating dessert almost every single night. It was almost always ice cream of some sort, low fat, fat-free, whatever my mom had in the freezer that was considered “healthy” back in the day. When I began my weight loss journey over seven years ago I felt like I had to cut out all sweets and desserts if I wanted to lose weight and I often felt extremely deprived. As my wellness journey continued I would have ice cream or desserts on my treat days or if I was on vacation. Then about three years ago I decided I wanted to start incorporating healthier versions of desserts I loved so I could lead a more balanced lifestyle, without feeling deprived or feeling like I “cheated”.

Below I’m going to share my 4 favorite healthy dessert hacks + swaps! With these healthy dessert hacks, you won’t have to feel deprived ever again and you can also go ahead and eliminate any guilt you have associated with desserts because life is all about balance!


4 Healthy Dessert Hacks | fittybritttty.com

4 Healthy Dessert Hacks


Frozen Grapes

Seriously one of my favorite swaps for popsicles I used to eat as a kid and let’s be honest as an adult too! Take a bunch of fresh delicious juicy crunchy grapes and freeze them in your stasher bags or in reusable containers for a few hours. When you’re craving an icy cool sweet treat pop a few grapes back and close your eyes and enjoy! They taste just like a popsicle just in a different form. This is also hands down my favorite beach snack too.


Swell Ice Cream

There are a lot of healthier ice creams on the market and I’ve honestly tried most of them, if not all of them. But Swell, The Next Wave of Ice Cream is my go-to, it’s truly the next wave of ice cream. Not only is it high in protein with 35 grams of protein per container and 10 grams of protein per serving, lower in sugar, but out of all the options on the market it has the CLEANEST ingredients! There are only 8 ingredients in their vanilla flavor! And most importantly it actually tastes amazing. The consistency is creamy, the texture is smooth, the flavors are exciting and fun, and all of their flavors are gluten and soy-free, low glycemic, and low in fat! My favorite flavors so far that I’ve tried are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter, Salted Caramel Crunch, Mint Chip, and Dark Chocolate Toffee! Like I said before, I hold ice cream pretty near and dear to my heart since childhood and don’t mess around with eating something that doesn’t taste absolutely delicious. Swell Ice Cream hits the spot every time! It’s my go-to dessert recently too now that the weather is really heating up! I also have totally made an affogato mid-afternoon with the vanilla flavor and my favorite espresso. And you better believe I’ve made some bomb tasting protein milkshakes with this as well! The options are endless! Make sure next time you’re at the grocery store to pick some up and give it a try! You can find locations that sell Swell Foods here.


Protein Balls

Replace your favorite cookie recipe with a protein ball recipe. These are the most perfect on the go snack and dessert ever and they have the added bonus of nutritional value and will fill you up instead of leaving you wanting more. The add-ins are truly endless and you can change up what you put into your protein balls depending on the season, for summertime I love to include fresh blueberries and if you’re a chocolate fiend like I am, add in some mini chocolate chips, go ahead live a little!


Date with Almond Butter

Say hey, hi, hello, to your new healthy clean version of a peanut butter cup! I don’t know about you but that tub of dark chocolate Trader Joes PB cups seems to disappear almost immediately when I buy + bring one into my house, they are my kryptonite. So I had to come up with a cleaner healthier version so I can indulge without feeling horrible later that evening. Fresh farmer’s market dates are your best friend and if you can find a clean simple ingredient almond butter that is best, remember the fewer ingredients in something, the better! Pull the pits out of the dates and pop some almond butter into the center and enjoy!

What are your favorite healthy dessert hacks? Have you all tried Swell Ice Cream before?! If not, head over to their store locator ASAP and find a location near you that sells it and stock up! Perfect summer dessert with zero guilt attached!


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