5 Body Weight Exercises I did at the Beginning of my Journey!

One of the biggest road blocks people seem to face when it comes to losing weight is where the heck to actually start. There are SO MANY options these days and plans to follow and honestly, it’s really confusing. When I was first starting out I remember it was easy for me to pick my “food program” (Weight Watchers) because it was what I had seen my mom do growing up and it always worked for her. BAM, step 1, taken care of pretty easily. BUT when it came down to me walking into a gym and knowing what to do or what plan to follow I was completely clueless. I ended up joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer all in the same day, because for me I needed to not think about my workouts. Sometimes, when you first start you need to just be accountable for showing up and for me it worked.

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com

I was over 200 pounds when I started training and I would see my trainer 3-4 days a week. I remember so vividly a lot of my first workouts with my trainer. I was determined to become strong woman and I thought for sure I would be picking up as much weight as I could carry. W.R.O.N.G.

Instead, I used my very own body weight to sweat the pounds away. That’s right, body weight exercises are extremely effective, especially when you are just starting a new workout program. I needed to learn how my body moved and performed before I could start adding additional weight to it.

So today, I wanted to share the 5 body weight exercises I did almost every time I saw my trainer. These exercises might not look challenging but believe me (even still to this day they challenge me) they definitely are! Most importantly, they are amazing to help build a strong core and foundation so you can start adding additional resistance eventually!

The Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners

  1. The BEAR Crawl – be a sexy beast and start crawling your way across the gym, yes you might feel like you look ridiculous but who cares, your shoulders, booty, and core are getting a run for their money with this move! This move is a MAJOR calorie burner, trust me. After I got pretty amazing at these my trainer would strap resistance bands around my waist for the added challenge!

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com


2. The PLANK – you know the drill here, form-arms or high up on your hands, this move works the entire body and again is a major calorie burner. Start by holding these as long as you can, even if it’s just 15 seconds. Take a short breather and pop back up into the plank position and keep repeating until you reach 5 minutes! I would finish in a pool of sweat!

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com


3. The KNEE PUSH-UP – find something soft to rest your knees on and get to work! Push-ups are amazing for building upper body strength, which everyone needs to help support themselves and have great posture. And have ZERO shame doing a push-up on your knees, they are just as effective this way!

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com


4. The BIRD-DOG – these are a great warm-up and will give you a nice little stability challenge as well. Start on all fours, hands and knees. and extend your opposite arm and leg. Reach in both directions and make sure to keep your hips level then when you feel stable bring your elbow to meet you knee in a sort of crunch motion. Repeat on each side 10 times.

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.comBest 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com


5. The JUMPING JACK – yes, I’m taking back to grade school with this retro cardio burner! Jumping jacks are amazing and sort of fun. If you need to take them slow by taking the jump out and stepping your legs side to side and raising your arms up and down. Work your way up to the full move when you are ready.

Best 5 Body Weight Exercises for Beginners | Fittybritttty.com


I hope you all found this helpful! I would love to hear how you all started out on your “gym” journeys! Did you go at it alone and teach yourself, go to fitness classes or hire a trainer like I did?! Let me know in the comments below!

And to all those who are just starting out, remember, we’ve all been in your shoes! Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ask questions!


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  1. Hola soy argentina me gustaria q m ayudes adelgaxar m cuesta mucho no como mucho pero soy gordacmido 1.59 peso 120k y voy subiendo cada vez mas lo unico q no hago ejercicio m cuesta vivo trabajando y duermo mucho.

    1. Hola, sugeriría hacer pequeños cambios manejables para su estilo de vida. Asegúrese de que está bebiendo suficiente agua, conseguir por lo menos 8 horas de sueño, y tratar de mover / sudor al menos una vez al día, incluso si es sólo un paseo. Estar activo le ayudará a dormir mejor y usted se sentirá más descansado cuando se despierta. Coma porciones de verdura verde y proteínas magras (pescado, pollo, etc.) y frutos (bayas, manzanas, plátanos) y recordar que este proceso toma tiempo! Lento es buena — que significa la pérdida de peso en realidad se adhieren! ¡Buena suerte!

      En este momento, si esto no es correcto español, estoy usando el traductor de google para escribir de nuevo a usted! xx

  2. Hola!! soy de chile y acabo de cumplir 14 años y peso 64 kilos 🙁 hace un tiempo que empeze a hacer ejercicio para poder perder peso y la verdad es que si me funcionaba. Hace aproximadamente 2 meses perdi la motivacion y deje de ejercitarme. He intentado muchas veces pero no consigo nada. Y encontre tu blog y me gusto mucho aunque este en otro idioma jajaja. Espero que con tu blog me pueda motivar y volver a una vida mas sana.

    saludos desde chile. Eres muy genial.

    1. ¡Hola! Muchas Gracias por la nota dulce, no hablo español, así que estoy usando el traductor de google para ayudar a responder de nuevo a usted! Sólo sabe que puede hacer lo que te propongas hacer. Su mente es una herramienta de gran alcance y que le ayudará mucho en este viaje. Usted está todavía muy joven y en crecimiento! Me gustaría centrarse en comer alimentos saludables, como las porciones de verdura verde y proteínas magras saludables y mucha fruta! Trate de cortar la comida chatarra y los alimentos procesados (cualquier cosa que se encuentre en una bolsa / caja / etc.) Y obtener en un entrenamiento de 4-5 días a la semana, incluso si es sólo un paseo! Comienza simple y darse cuenta de esto jourey toma tiempo! Espero que encuentre la motivación y la inspiración en mi blog y Instagram! xx

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