A few weeks ago on my Instagram feed and stories, I posted about the Lunette Period Cup and you babes flooded my DMs and stories with SO many good questions that I had to write up a blog post just to get them all answered!

As a quick background, in case you missed my Instagram stories I’ve been using the Lunette cup for two cycles and decided to make the switch about three months ago. I basically fell in love with the process of using the cup immediately and ever since I have been wondering why it took me so long to take the plunge in the first place.

I wanted to make the switch for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons for me was that I was putting toxic tampons into my body every single month. Not okay! Believe me, do your research about what a tampon is made from and you might be convinced to make the switch too! The other reasons that helped push me towards the switch were that investing in a cup actually saves you so money, it reduces waste so in turn it helps the environment, and is way easier and lighter to travel with!

I first heard about a period cup from my friend Jules from @OmandtheCity! I had also heard Lee from @LeefromAmerica talk about a period cup as well but other than that no one else I knew personally in real life or online that I follow talked about using a period cup. And honestly, I’m shocked because as soon as I switched over I could not shut up about mine. I was telling everyone “hey I’m bleeding and I’m SO EXCITED about my period cup!” haha I know that sounds insane but if you do decide to make the switch I think you’ll see where I’m coming from!

After having the period cup conversation on my stories, I took a bunch of screenshots of everyone’s amazing questions and below you will find, fingers crossed, all of your questions answered and if I missed one or you have another one please leave a comment below and I’ll get to it soon!

Period Cup Questions Answered | fittybritttty.com



What is a period cup and how does it even work?

A period cup is an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, reusable bell-shaped cup that gives you a comfortable, odorless period solution for up to 12 hours. The Lunette cup is made from medical grade silicone which is BPA free and free from chemicals as well. You simply fold it up and insert it as you would a tampon and slowly release to let it open up and over time the cup will collect any fluids that are released. The cup creates suction and seals to prevent any leaking or spills. Read more here


How'd you decide which brand to try and what size cup to buy?

I went with Lunette honestly because it was a brand that was recommended by my friend Jules! But I also did my own research and based on the research I did I saw that not only is it a woman-owned brand but they also give back! They also are pioneering the way to educate women everywhere and are also helping the environment at the same time! Their brand values align with my values as a person, woman, and aligns with the values of my own personal brand so for me it was a no brainer! I decided to get two cup sizes and I actually highly recommend doing the same for yourself unless you have a very light period, then you may only need the Model 1 size. I use the Model 1 cup for the beginning and end of my cycle and I use the Model 2 cup for the in-between days of my cycle when my flow is heavier. Everybody is different though and part of this process is trial and error and seeing what works best for you and your body.


How do you clean it?

The cleaning process is actually pretty simple. The first thing you do before you do anything else is boil your cups in water for 20 minutes to completely disinfect them before use. Then before using them, I wash mine with the FeelBetter Menstrual Cup Cleaner and warm water before inserting. When I’m home and switching out and emptying my cup, I always empty the cup into my sink with the water running and completely clean it off with water and then wash with the cleaner and reinsert it. When I’m out and about and I can’t get home and need to empty my cup I find a restroom with a sink inside the bathroom. There are tons of family restrooms or restrooms for the handicap that have sinks inside of the stall for you to use. When I’m on the go I and if I remember to bring them Lunette sells Cup Wipes which are perfect for on the go! If I forget to bring those with me I just rinse with water and reinsert then clean with the cleanser when I get home.


How do you put the period cup in? Does it hurt to put in or to wear? And how do you change it? Does it get messy?

You fold the cup in half and then in half again so it almost looks rolled up and then it gets inserted as you would a tampon, up and towards the back! Head over to Lunette’s website to find out more about folding and there are some helpful drawings as well! It doesn’t hurt to put in at all for me, everyone is different though so you could have a completely different experience. That being said in general I don’t think it should hurt at all to insert. Start with the smaller model if you’re nervous about it! I don’t find it painful at all to wear. I had to cut the end bits off.

When you’re ready to change it you simply release the suction and then gently and slowly remove the cup. I dump anything I can into the toilet and then I immediately do my cleaning process.

Yes, it can be a little messy at first but by my second cycle with the period cup, I found my rhythm and found it to be less messy. You’re going to get blood on your hands/fingers so if that bothers you then this might not be for you.


How does it feel? Is material soft/flexible? 

The cup feels very comfortable and even though it expands bigger inside than a tampon it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. The material is very soft and it’s made from medical grade silicone so flexible too but also is strong enough to not leak.


Can it hold a lot? Does it work for heavy flows?

The Model 1 cup holds (the smaller cup) .85 fluid ounces and the Model 2 cup hold (the bigger cup) 1 fluid ounce. So yes, it holds quite a bit. Model 2 should be great for heavier flows if you don’t want to have to change it as much.


Does it shift with movement?  Can you workout with the cup in?  

NO! I found that my cup shifted WAY LESS with movement than a tampon. For example, I used to have to change my tampon basically every single time I went to the bathroom because it would come out halfway and be uncomfortable. With the cup, I can go to the bathroom and the cup doesn’t move at all.

YES, you can work out with a period cup in! I’ve done walking, running, dancing, and yoga with the cup and it stays in place perfectly. And you can also wear a while in the shower and while swimming too!


Have you experienced any leaking while working out with the period cup in?

Nope! I haven’t had any issues while workout with spilling or leaking. If you’ve created a seal or suction when inserting the cup then you should have zero issues!


I've heard that the suction on the Lunette cup can be pretty intense! Can you tell us how you avoid pain when removing the cup?

I will admit that during my first attempt at pulling the cup out I struggled for a bit and then started to get a bit freaked out. So I stopped and took a breath. I had read before that to loosen the suction it helps to squeeze slightly and move the cup side to side and then begin to slowly pull, you’ll be able to tell if the suction is still in tack or not when you begin to pull because it will feel uncomfortable and a little painful. Now I make sure to release the suction before even trying to remove.


When you pull the cup out does the blood fall everywhere? How do you empty the cup?

As long as you slowly remove the cup and aim it downward you shouldn’t have any issues with the blood going anywhere except the toilet. I remove the cup by loosening the suction first, by lightly pinching and then moving the cup side to side. Once the suction has been released, I begin to slowly remove the cup, aiming it downward, and then once it’s completely out I make sure to dump any excess out into the toilet and then I immediately wash out whatever else didn’t come out.


Is the cup painful when the cup is left in for long periods of time? How long can you wear the cup before it will leak or spill?

I’ve kept mine in overnight and for 8-10 hours during the day and not once was it painful! You can keep the cup in for up to 12 hours safely. However, as you use the cup you will learn your body and flow and will know how long you can go between changes before it will leak. On light days I can keep the small on in for 8-10 hours and on heavy days I need to change the small one every 4-6 hours. If I’m going to be out all day on a heavy flow day I make sure to use the larger Model 2 cup.


How do you store your cups when not in use?

I keep them in their little pouches they came with when they are not in use. I always wash them before storing them and rewash again when I take them back out each month to use.


What challenges did you face when needing to empty/clean in public restrooms?

To be completely honest, I have not had to even change mine in a public restroom yet. I typically can plan my day around when I’m going to be out and I make sure to change it right before and then when I get home from my day out. IF I ever had to change it in a public restroom there are typically family restrooms or handicap restrooms options available with sinks in the stalls. So I would try to find one of those to use. If I couldn’t find one to use then I would empty it and reinsert it without cleaning it. OR I would use the to-go cleaning wipes that Lunette sells!


Does it need to be rinsed before reinserting?

Yes, if possible the best option is to rinse before reinserting. If you absolutely don’t have the option of rinsing then you can reinsert without rinsing or use a paper towel to dry off a bit and reinsert.


Can you have sex with a period cup in?

Nope, you can’t have sex and have the period cup inserted at the same time.


Is it compatible with an IUD?

YES! Find out more in this article: here

Phew. I think that’s all the questions I was asked on my IG stories and via DMs! I’m just so excited to be talking about our cycles and how we can become even more familiar with our bodies! It’s very empowering!

Have you ever tried a period cup?! If I missed any questions feel free to leave them below and I'll do my best to answer them! 


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