Britttty’s Bungalow: Kitchen Organization

After revealing my apartment organization and design that I collaborated on with Dany from Spatial Soulutions last month I wanted to make sure I broke down each room a bit more! Starting with the kitchen, which was also the first room Dany and I worked on together!

The kitchen was definitely the area that I needed the most help with. I always get so overwhelmed when organizing the kitchen, I didn’t really even know where to start. And I really wanted to make sure I was making the most out of my space. I was faced with very deep cabinets as a “pantry” which is better than nothing but also things can easily get lost in the back without using some sort of organization. Thankfully, Dany came in and helped me refine my kitchen and also brought in so many amazing organization pieces that have made my life so much easy and more seamless and nothing ever seems to get lost or misplaced.

Dany also helped to lay out my kitchen so things are seamless. Pairing my everyday coffee items right above my coffee machine and blender. She also helped me find the perfect containers to help organize even things like my measuring spoons and cups! It’s the little things, organization wise, that really makes all the difference.

The island and my bar stools are also linked below as well! Most people who come into my apartment think that the island came with my apartment but it actually didn’t. I did SO much research to find this one and it was perfect, although, very expensive. But I ordered it anyway because I needed the extra storage and wanted to still use my bar stools from my previous apartment.

Anyways, I’m so excited to share this post today with all of you. Below you will find all the links for all of the organization pieces we used throughout the kitchen and the pantry and my furniture, rug, and even my favorite chic knife and utensil holder!

Shop My Kitchen Organization:

Do you love home organization as much as I do?! Leave any questions you have below!


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