This year I vowed I was going to be stepping away from any diets or detoxes and instead I wanted to focus on creating more sustainable healthy habits into my day to day routine! I’ve been dieting in some way or another since I can remember and I really want to move away from not only the diet mindset but I also want to live my life with as much food freedom as possible.

I was spending hours a day thinking about what I was going to eat and how it would affect my life and my goals. Now I’m working on switching my mindset to cultivate healthy habits that I can incorporate into my life that will benefit me in the long term! Today I’m sharing 3 of the healthy habits I added into my life this January that I’m really loving so far that I hope you all will find helpful, sustainable, and habit worthy too!

Healthy New Year Habits |
Healthy New Year Habits |

Healthy Habits


Set my Fridge & Freezer up for Success

I love to keep my fridge and freezer full of healthy easy to grab snacks and items that I can easily make a meal with that don’t take too long or that are too involved! I found that the easier something is to make the more likely I’ll use it and eat it when it comes to food! One item I’ve been loving having stocked in my freezer is, Thrive! Ready to Blend Smoothies! They have made cultivating healthy new year habits so simple and delicious. With my busy, on-the-go lifestyle, I’m always set up for success and never left starving with these ready-to-blend smoothie cups in my freezer! With literally no prep, cutting, or measuring involved, Ready To Thrive! takes the hassle out of making smoothies at home. Just add your favorite liquid (I love using almond milk), blend, and then pour the delicious and nutritious smoothie back into the cup, pop a reusable straw in it and take it with you wherever you’re going!

And the best part about these cute little smoothie cups, they are available right at your local Target in the freezer section! Ready To Thrive! offers five different flavor combos (Defend, Green, Energy, Glow, and Rise) that all feature natural superfood ingredients and always in season frozen fruits and veggies, sourced in the U.S.! My personal favorite combos are the Green and the Defend smoothies, but all of them are so so good! Next time you’re at your local Target make sure to grab a few to try and right now they are 15% off using the Cartwheel app! They are currently 2 for $8 in Target stores now through January 26th!


Adding Time Restrictions on my Phone

When the new release came out on the iPhone and it disclosed just how much time I was actually spending on my device and certain apps, I was so alarmed. My job consists of me being on my phone, A LOT, but I wanted to figure out a way to start putting a few time restrictions on the apps I used most to keep it in perspective and to help me become more aware of the time I was spending not working while on my phone.

I find myself being more conscious of the time I do spend on my phone and having some time restrictions on apps like Instagram has been extremely helpful. Once I hit my time restriction I try to really avoid going on the app at all for the rest of the day. This has been an extreme challenge for me but it’s a work in progress and one that I know will be so helpful over time.


Drink More Water

Even though I carry around water with me almost everywhere I go, I still find I’m not getting in enough H2O throughout my day and by the end of the day I’m so thirsty and I’m trying to play catch up. For the first time ever, I’ve noticed what the lack of water has been doing to my skin as well. My skin is super dry and the texture is off as well.

I’ve been making sure I drink at least 16 ounces of water first thing in the morning before I even make or drink my coffee! For some reason, coffee can go down so easily in the morning but drinking water for me first thing is harder but so far I’ve been doing great with this habit and I’m looking forward to continuing it for the long term health benefits it will provide for me!

Healthy New Year Habits |
Healthy New Year Habits |

What are some healthy habits you've been incorporating into your daily routine so far in 2019? I'd love to find out below, share in the comments! Also, have you ever tried Thrive! Smoothies?! Make sure to check them out at Target next time you're there!


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