Yes, you read that right girl! A few weeks ago I had my first ever bra fitting over the phone for Birdsong Bras by Bare Necessities. Of course, I’ve had bra fittings in person more times than I could count but having a bra fitting over the phone was a first for me. At first, I was so confused about how this could possibly work and was sort of hesitant that I’d actually walk away with a bra that would fit me perfectly. But I was so surprised about how easy it was to do a bra fitting over the phone. And I had to share my experience with you girls today!

I got Fit for a Bra over the Phone!! |

Birdsong Bras just launched on and they are super supportive and cute bras that come in a really wide range of sizes. Bare Necessities also provides over the phone fittings so you can make sure you’re getting the best possible fit and size for your girls. And if you don’t have time for a call, you can chat with a Bra Fit Expert instead! As I said earlier, I have to talk more about my phone fitting experience because it was super unique and really great! My Bra Fit Expert was so nice and helpful and even took the time to explore my blog and Instagram to see what cup would be the perfect fit for me. She asked me a few questions and then had me use a soft measuring tape and asked me to give her two measurements, one at the fullest part of my bust and the other across my back where the band would lay. Then based off of those measurements and my photos from IG and my blog she suggested I try a 32G or H! I was super thrown off by this as I typically always wear a 36D. I told her that I trusted her but asked if she could throw in a few 34 band sizes as well just in case!

I got fit for a bra over the phone and it's the best fitting bra I own! |
I got fit for a bra over the phone and it's the best fitting bra I own! |

When the bras arrived the 32 was a bit snug but I loved the fit and support that I got from 34G sized bras! I almost always wear a 34DD/36D so it was crazy for me to try on a 34G and have it really be such a better fit than almost all of my other bras! I typically have an issue with my boobs sort of spilling out of the top of most bras but with the BIRDSONG EMERSON BALCONETTE BRA, I do not have that issue whatsoever! In fact, the bra stays in place so well that no matter how many times I lean over and stand back up, the girls stay put! It’s seriously a dream come true.

Having a perfectly fitting bra is really what I would call life-changing! It can also totally help you feel more confident and empowered. You stand up taller when you have a properly fitting bra on too, I’m all about having better posture! And all the Birdsong bras are all so cute, so you really can’t go wrong! I love the Emerson Balconette Bra in Dusty Quartz (I’m wearing the 34G) so much and it’s become my daily go-to bra and looks great even under white shirts! It’s made from a super lightweight material and has foam-lined underwire cups! These bras are affordable, really soft and comfortable, and still sexy and cute!

If you have been looking for that dream bra and want comfort, style, and a fabulous price point then I highly suggest doing a bra fitting with on Bare Necessities and ordering a Birdsong bra! You won't be disappointed!


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