It’s been way too long since I’ve done a fitness-focused post on the blog and today I’m so excited to be partnering with Walmart to bring you this amazing post with my go-to upper body workout and my two favorite ways to recover post-workout.

Walmart has such a variety of fitness items across all price points which means if you love working out at home and have space for a home gym you can get everything you would need there or if you’re tight on space like me there are so many amazing items that are small and effective too. And Walmart offers all the best brands like Theragun, Nordictrack, Gaiam, TriggerPoint, etc.

I’ve loved boxing for years. I was first introduced to boxing when I hired my first personal trainer. He was the first one to teach me how to throw a punch and that boxing can be such an amazing upper body workout and it’s so much fun too! The best workout for stress relief, by far!

I was on the search recently for hot pink gloves and wraps and was so happy to finally find some available at Walmart! The pink gloves and wraps not only make me feel cute but they also are super protective of my knuckles and wrists, which is very important when you buy boxing gloves/wraps! I love boxing to get an amazing upper body burn! My recent home boxing workout looks a lot like this one that I found on Pinterest!

As much as I love boxing, it’s definitely hard on the body and that’s why I love taking time to recover post-workout! Walmart offers some amazing recovery items in addition to all of their other fitness items! You girls have heard me talk about the Theragun before and know how much I love mine and they sell it right at Walmart! The Theragun is so amazing and I can really tell a difference after using it, especially in my hips and glutes. It’s also great to use right before any workout to sort of “warm-up” or energize the muscles before working out.

My other go-to post-workout recovery tool is the foam roller! I swear by this one from Triggerpoint, available at Walmart. I make sure to really focus on my legs with the foam roller and roll out my IT band, thighs, hamstrings, calves, and I also always make sure to hit my glutes and back with the foam roller too! I know post-workout recovery isn’t always the most fun but it’s so necessary to help your muscles recover properly and to help avoid injury in future workouts.

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What's your favorite upper body workout and way to recover post-sweat sesh?! I’d love to know in the comments below!


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