My Post Workout Hydration Routine

Summer is coming, even though it might be hard to tell with all the May grey we’ve been having here in California! As summer approaches I seem to take most of my workouts outside. I’ve recently picked up running again by the beach in Santa Monica and it’s truly one of my favorite places to get in a great sweat.

Being near the water, the sand, the salty ocean breeze, sweat dripping down my cheek as I put one foot in front of the other working on my stride and letting go of my worries for the day… it’s often the best part of my day. But when I’m done running I’m often left feeling tired, thirsty, and hungry and my skin always feels dry!

I always bring a water bottle with me in my car to hydrate my body and quench my thirst post-sweat. Then as soon as I get home I wash my face to wipe away any dirt, salt, and impurities that my sweat created, but then I’m often left with pretty dry, thirsty skin afterward. I never once stopped to consider why my skin felt dry. I figured that drinking water would hydrate my skin enough but the truth was I should have been doing a skincare routine to help with these skin issues I was experiencing.

And finally, I discovered L’Occitane’s AQUA Reotier product line! Their new skincare line has literally become my go-to for my post workout sweat to keep my skin hydrated and glowing! No more dry, thirsty skin post workout for me!

L’occitane’s AQUA Reotier products have three ingredients that are total game changers for my skin’s hydration post-sweat. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and calcium-rich Reotier water are included in the product line and each ingredient holds a seriously awesome purpose to help the skin stay hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is the best thing since sliced bread, in my opinion, it helps skin retain moisture for a plumper looking appearance, which let’s be honest, is truly like magic! Glycerin helps capture water molecules at the skin’s surface to hydrate the skin and the calcium-rich Reoteir water helps your skin maintain its moisture barrier and preserve its natural hydration! How awesome is that?!

My new post-workout routine now starts by hydrating my body with water and then washing my face with the L’Occitane AQUA Reotier Water Gel Cleanser to wash away impurities, followed by the Moisture Prep Essence to prepare the skin with a layer of moisture. Then I follow up with the intense hydration with the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream and finally I love to refresh throughout the rest of my day with the Fresh Moisturizing Mist to give me a revitalized feeling all day long!

I would love to know if you ladies have tried these products and if you haven’t make sure to shop the entire line here and make sure to share any other tips and tricks you may have for me to keep my skin hydrated after a sweaty workout!


This post is sponsored by L’Occitane. Sponsored posts help fund the work I do here on at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your constant love and support!

Photos by: Kelsey Vest 

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