Hey babes! I’m back with another running post today for you! This time it’s all about running shoes, which honestly are the most important accessory for a successful run in my eyes. The shoes you pick to run in can either make or break you as a runner. I remember when I first started running how little I knew about running shoes and about how they could affect your runs plus your body but now after years of learning (and some trial and error), I’m confident when picking out a running shoe!

I’ve worn Nike shoes for as long as I can remember. Throughout my wellness journey, Nike has been there, whether it was running shoes, training shoes for the gym, or just kick around cute shoes for errands! So when Nike came to me to try their new colorways of the Nike Epic React shoe, I was BEYOND excited! Not only are these shoes amazing for running, but they are also supportive, comfortable, and made with FlyKnit material so they are super breathable but hug your foot like a sock and great for longer runs!

The three things I always look for in a quality running shoe are, weight + durability, a supportive sole, and obviously the color! I also love a shoe with an overall really great snug fit. When I’m running I want my shoe to never feel like it’s going to fall off or not fully support my entire foot, so I’ve recently been really obsessed with Flyknit material because of the hug like feeling I get when I wear them.



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You all know that I don’t usually run longer than 5 miles at a time and to be honest it’s usually more like a 3 mile run for me. But when I took these out for a test run I felt like I was sort of flying and that I could run forever and my feet wouldn’t mind it. The cushion and support from these shoes are like no other! And every time I’ve worn them since, they’ve felt like brand new each and every time! Which is truly amazing.

Another thing I typically always look for is a supportive sole in my running shoes. The Nike Epic Reacts have great arch support and my feet and ankles felt strong and supported the entire time during my run. The sole and shoe itself are also really responsive and like I said before the shoe is so light that while running it felt so seamless and almost bouncy in the best way possible. I always hate when I’m running and feel weighed down by my shoes or my clothes.

And of course, the color of my running shoes has always mattered to me. I don’t know about you girls but for me, I take style seriously, even when it comes to my activewear! My dad used to always say it doesn’t matter about how the shoes look just how it performs but in my eyes both matter equally. The colorways for the Nike Epic React are literal fall perfection. I always love black and white shoes because they go with almost every single outfit in my workout closet. So I was immediately drawn to the Black/White/Black colorway that I purchased. But as you can see below the other new colors are all amazing and so versatile. So honestly, you can’t go wrong.


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Even if it's your first pair of Nike Epic Reacts and you're on mile 1 or it's your third pair and you're on mile 500 these shoes stand the test of time! Have you tried Nike Epic React running shoes before?! I would love to know your favorite fall colorway in the comments below!


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