Festival season is here and I was definitely having major FOMO when I was in Europe and missing Coachella and Stagecoach but thankfully I was back home just in time for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in Los Angeles!

Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Recap | Fittybritttty.com

If you’re not familiar with the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival, it’s basically a two-day long workout festival with live music and DJs throughout the day! Combining two of my favorite things sweating and great music! I had the time of my freaking life this weekend working out with my friends, eating delicious and healthy food, taking so many cute photos, and dancing like I was back in college to Ludacris!

The best part about the fitness festival is that Propel brings the best of the best together. I’m talking about the best trainers, the best boutique fitness studios, and all the best music and of course, they kept us super hydrated all weekend long with all the yummy Propel flavors!

Day one started off with meeting up with all my friends and grabbing some fun photos before we got all sweaty! Then we hit the braid bar for some fun sweat-proof hairstyles! Then I took a quick tour to familiarize ourselves with the space, it was actually pretty big, which was awesome because nothing ever felt too crowded! And then stumbled upon the massage room, of course, we had to stop and get a 15-minute massage from Soothe! It was truly the best way to start the day!


Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Recap | Fittybritttty.com
Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Recap | Fittybritttty.com

Then it was time for my first of three classes of the day. I tried to pick as many class options as I could that were from NYC, workouts we don’t have here in Los Angeles. My first one was a super intense and sweaty workout with TONE HOUSE. And oh em gee was it hard! In just the warm-up alone, I was completely covered in sweat and my heart rate was up. It was definitely more of an intense workout then I was expecting but it was so good!

Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Recap | Fittybritttty.com

Next up was yoga with Yoga For Bad People, another NYC based worked that was nice to get to try! It was a great slow flow which was just what I needed after the intensity of my previous workout. I also realized it had been so so so long since I had been on my mat and it truly felt amazing to be back.

Then after yoga, I went straight over to check out the food options because I was starving by this time and they had so many local amazing healthy options, it was hard to choose! Throughout the weekend I ended up trying all the options and they were all amazing! My favorite was the acai bowl since it ended up being a really warm weekend it was the perfect way to cool down between sweat sessions!

After refueling, I headed over to the main stage to a ModelFit class with Daya performing live! It really was so much fun and so cool to get to basically watch a Daya concert while getting in an amazing sweat at the same time. Two birds, one stone!

And before I knew it day one was over for me! I hung out a bit more before heading back to my side of town, showering, and taking a much-needed nap! #selfcare

Day two was also filled with so many amazing classes, food, and fitness friends, but the highlight was the Nicole Winhoffer x Ludacris class! I used to dance my booty off in college to Luda and it was so much fun to see him perform live! Nicole tried to get us all to follow along with her dance combos but everyone ended up dancing to their own beat and doing their own thing for an hour. The energy in the room was like no other, and I ultimately got in one of the best sweats of the whole weekend and had the most fun while doing it!

After the class was over, I had the opportunity to meet Ludacris and grab a quick picture with him! He was seriously so nice! And then the festival was over! I already can’t wait for next year, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time! There is nothing better than getting to hang out with your friends all weekend while working out and listening to great tunes!

Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival Recap | Fittybritttty.com

I'm already ready to sign up for the festival in 2019! Did you babes go this year to the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival? If so, what was your favorite class that you took so I know what to sign up for next year!?


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