Happy #workoutwednesday! Bands make her dance… curls, front raises, lateral side raises, military shoulder presses, & upright rows, gangs most definitely all here!

resistance bands

This is a quick and fun workout you can literally do almost anywhere and it burns so so good. Resistance bands are awesome for so many reasons and if you haven’t used them before I highly suggest adding them into your workout routines.

Get over to amazon like yesterday and grab yourself this set – it’s amazing! Or if you have a gym membership they will most likely have plenty of these bands laying around.

Pick a resistance that is challenging but doable for 12 reps (the last 2 reps should be a struggle like I’m talking shaky arms!) Then stand on the middle of the band like I’m doing below (about hip-width apart or slightly wider) and go to town on the above exercises! Three sets of each should be enough to feel nice and sore the next day!

Comment below any other favorite exercises you love to use with resistance bands!