I can’t believe we are already TWO weeks deep into 2017!? Like how is it possible?! Time is freaking flying by! How is everyone doing on their new year’s resolutions?

Personally, I was feeling sort of meh the last week, getting back to a routine is sometimes super difficult. I haven’t really shared with you all that some of my fitness-related resolutions are but one of them is to keep up my yoga routine and to really push myself this year to practice more inversions! I have this mental block (aka FEAR) that stops me from being confident when attempting inversions. The fear of falling is a big one for me but this year I’m going to push that fear aside and at least try. Because falling a few times is better than not trying at all!


Goals are so much more fun to accomplish when you have new gear and DORMIFY and their amazing Resolution Helper came to the rescue to help me achieve my fitness goals for 2017!

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If you’re also working on your yoga practice or if becoming more flexible is one of your fitness goals for 2017, I totally have you covered below with 4 of my favorite beginner moves that everyone can do! Even if you’ve never unrolled a yoga mat before don’t worry yoga really is for everybody! And don’t worry after this, we’re totally getting pizza! So roll out your mats and let’s get flexi!


4 of my favorite beginner Yoga Poses


Warrior 2

This may seem super simple and extremely basic but when you get into the proper alignment, 90-degree angle in your front knee, back leg straight and engaged, inner thighs engaged, and arms strong, fingertips extended and reaching in opposite directions, and hips opening, this pose becomes anything but basic and can be a great challenge for a beginner. Grab your THINK IT, WANT IT,  GET IT mat and turn yourself into the warrior woman you are!


Seated Twist

Ahhhhh, one of my favorite poses and it’s so cleansing and refreshing! Twisting is amazing for your insides, it rings out your connective tissue and gives everything inside a great flush and even calms the nervous system! This move is also amazing for the alignment of the spine and can relieve lower back pain! Make sure to hold the twist for 15-30 seconds a side to enjoy the full benefits.


Pigeon Pose

This pose has many different levels but at it’s most basic it’s restorative and releases tension in the hips and glutes and feels amazing! It’s one of my go-to poses every single day! I love to spend some quality time sitting in this pose to help relieve my glutes and hip flexors after a long run! Sleeping Pigeon focuses more on your outer glutes and the extended pigeon pose stretches the hip flexors and psoas more!


Wide-Leg Forward Fold

This is great for beginners because you can extend your legs as wide as you feel comfortable and as you get more flexible you can open up your legs more with the end goal of having your head touch the mat! This is a great pose to strengthen and stretch your legs and release tension in your spine! Make sure you engage your legs and your core when you come out of the pose!


I hope you enjoy these beginners' yoga poses I shared today and hope you will use them to rock your resolutions! Make sure to check out all my favorite items from Dormify's Resolution Helper below!