Yoga Tips for Beginners

Last week I posted a few tips for Yoga Beginners on my IG stories which received a great response so I wanted to create a full blog post dedicated to the topic. Yoga holds such a special place in my heart and I’m so excited to share these tips to help anyone who is thinking about starting a yoga practice actually get started! 

Yoga helps calm and center my mind and body and it helps me feel more connected in all ways and I’m so excited to share my love of yoga with all of you. I totally remember being super intimidated when starting my yoga practice. I felt like I was going to be the only one that had never done yoga in my life before, but hey we all have to start somewhere. I know it may seem scary to start but once you try it you’ll have yourself wondering why you waited so long!

Today I’m sharing a few tips for anyone who has never tried yoga but wants to start! Below are my 5 tips for beginner yogis so you can get on your mat and start flowing!

1. Find a Studio with a Beginner Yoga Class Option 

Most studios offer a beginner class — that’s where I would start! I believe going to a studio when beginning a yoga practice is very important as the teacher can help you with any alignment in the postures. When you first begin your practice the poses and postures may feel very foreign to you and your body but as you spend more time on your mat you will be able to feel your body moving into correct alignment instead of depending on mirrors to assist you.

2. Talk to Your Teacher

Tell them you’re new and excited to learn they will be excited to teach you, I promise you. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, yoga is all about teaching, learning, and exploring!

3. Think of Yoga as a Tool

Yoga is here to enhance your life even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. Yoga helps with flexibility, strength, and with learning how to feel connected mind, body, and soul! So if you’re having a bit of trouble enjoying yoga at first think of all the many benefits you’re receiving from the practice. 

4. Leave any Comparison at the Door

Keep your eyes on your own mat and focus only on yourself. The room you’re in will be filled with people who are all in completely different places in their practice. Yoga is a very personal practice and one that doesn’t have any room for comparison or judgment. Go in with an open heart and mind and go with the flow!

5. Dress the Part

Yoga is truly about body alignment and to be able to see if your body is in alignment when you’re first starting out it’s helpful to wear form-fitting clothing, like full-length yoga pants, a sports bra, and/or a tank top. I get asked all the time about my favorite brands and honestly, I have so many (I’ve recently been loving my Jockey athleisure) but your best bet is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in and that you can easily move around in without having to adjust your outfit constantly. The fewer distractions you have the better in yoga. 

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I hope you found these little tips helpful and motivating to begin a yoga practice! The most important thing to remember when starting is to have fun with it! Namaste. 


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  1. Hi Britney! This post is wonderful and soooo true! I started a consistent yoga practice about 8 months ago and am only just now starting to feel like I’m “getting it.” I’ve also just started at a new studio with a much more welcoming vibe and teachers who are very encouraging and offer a ton of tils. Beginner classes have helped grow my practice a ton in just a couple of months. I actually came across your page recently while browsing a few yoga IG feeds, and super excited I did. Keep the awesome tips coming! 😊

  2. so glad I decided to give yoga a try. It’s a perfect “rest” workout when you need it to be, but can also challenge you immensely! thanks for being such an awesome role model for curvy girls who are still living and loving their Heath lives!!!

  3. I love how you say yoga is a tool! You can use yoga as a way to meditate on the day and take time for yourself. You do not have to be an expert to do yoga and you do a really amazing job encouraging beginners to start yoga. I have never done yoga before because I mainly like to run, HIIT classes, or barre. I think yoga would be really good for me to slow down in life and take time to enjoy each day. Thanks so much for sharing all your tips!!!!!

  4. Hi Britney!

    I am from Nebraska and went to my first Yoga class tonight. Though it was at my local gym where it is pretty casual, I am excited to build up and take your tips with me to the next class. Also thought you should know that I have been filling you for a super long time, back to the bathroom mirror progress pics 🙂 and list wanted you to know how cool it is to have watched you evolve over the years and continue your success while helping others at the same time! So KEEP IT UP! Xoxo

  5. What kind of yoga would you recommend for someone primarily wanting to work on flexibility? I’m lucky enough to have a gym that offers a huge variety of classes and I’ve got the basics down, just not sure where to go from here!!

  6. I love that you said your best bet is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! Confidence is something I am working on and I always notice a difference when I’m wearing something that I LOVE! The saying ‘look good, feel good’ is where I’m at right now but I’m hoping one day that I will FEEL good (confident)and simply KNOW Ilook good. Hope this random mumble makes sense. Thanks for your thoughts! I’m hoping to get more into yoga and focus less on others and more on myself!

  7. Great tips! Especially the part about keeping your eyes on your own mat and your own self. No place for judgement or comparison. I am going to be reminding myself the next class I go to. Thank you!

  8. This is SO motivating to me as I’ve been wanting to add yoga back to my workout routine and just everyday life. The winter months make me super depressed and stressed out but I know this will help. Thanks Britt xo

  9. Absolutely love this!! I always want to get into yoga but have trouble actually making it a habit! I’ll definitely be using these tips! Thank you❤️

  10. I love the tips it can be very intimidating to start yoga. I think finding a beginners class is essential and sometimes difficult as they are labeled by the name of the yoga flow instead of “beginner.” When I lived in Portland Oregon I accidentally took a non beginner class where they were doing advanced moves and the instructor asked if something was wrong with me??? I felt so out of place but I’m glad I didn’t give up I love practicing YIN yoga on Sunday nights!!

  11. I have never done any yoga! I would love to try. It’s Just very intimidating. One goal of mine for 2019 is at least attempting a yoga class. Gonna try to push myself out of my comfort zone! ☺️

  12. Yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ changes my life, but I didn’t have the courage to start till many years after I wanted to. The class was so intimidating to me, so I started with private lessons. I loved your comment on leaving judgement at the door 🚪. So essential, beautifully stayed for those who needed the encouragement to begin this journey.

  13. I’ve recently decided to go back to the gy ( it’s been a few months!) the gym where I attend, has free yoga classes! I’m always nervous to attend any classes where one’s flexibility is being broadcasted for the whole class to see!😂 But that being said I see a lot of people saying that yoga helps one’s posture, and back issues go away! I’m looking forward to joining a yoga class as soon as possible !!

  14. I’m so excited that you posted this! I have been going to a donation based yoga for the last few weeks and felt confident enough to strip down into a sports bra because I had a cute workout set on. I’m pretty plus size so this was a huge change for me and I have started to feel so grounded with trying out yoga and looking at all your tips and tricks. Look forward to seeing more from you and maybe we can take a yoga class together someday! (Ideally a Minnie Mouse themed one)

  15. I have been trying to do yoga every night before bed! As a college athlete I get so tight and stressed! Good tips & ideas!! 🙂

  16. I’m so happy to have come along you and your blog at this time. I recently had another surgery on my ankle after tearing my Achilles tendon almost 2 years ago, which happened my first rugby game back from my ACL recovery- overall a real sucky couple of years. My friends have always told me I should try yoga but I’ve always been really stubborn that that isn’t me I’m not a “zen” person. Lately I’ve realized that I live on the edge of tears all the time, one frustrating moment or one problem I cant seem to solve and its melt down city. Because of this and also because of my injuries and rehabilitation, I have started to incorporate yoga into my life. Just being able to take that time out of my day, just to focus on healing my body and mind has made such a positive improvement in my life already and I’m so excited to see how it progresses!

  17. I have wanted to practice Yoga more regularly and this is SO helpful! I love your blog posts and Insta very much. I watch your stories every day!! Also, I think your outfit in this post is fantastic!

  18. I love everything about this!!! I just started yoga and I LOOOVE IT!! I am so inspired by your journey and I strive to love myself the way you do <3

  19. I’ve always wanted to go to a yoga class but have always been too in my head about comparing myself to everyone else. I live in a small town so being a beginner means I’d probably be the only one and I find this extremely intimidating. I love your tips for checking yourself at the door and keeping your eyes on the mat!

  20. I’ve always wanted to go to a yoga class but have always been too in my head about comparing myself to everyone else. I live in a small town so being a beginner means I’d probably be the only one and I find this extremely intimidating. I love your tips for checking yourself at the door and keeping your eyes on the mat!

  21. I’ve always wanted to start yoga, but have always been extremely intimidated. I love your suggestions for checking yourself at the door and keeping your eyes on the mat!

  22. I have been doing yoga everyday this year at home with yoga with Adriene and have been loving it! It definitely helps with my mental health and has allowed me to feel more confident!

  23. Love the yoga poses! I used to love doing yoga 7-8 years ago but stopped due to having kids and busy schedule. Thanks for the tips to help me get back into shape!

  24. I wish I would of had these tips when I first tried yoga! They would of helped me a lot with making me feel more comfortable in class. Definitely going to give it another go. Thank you!😊

  25. I enjoyed what you had to say about how yoga is a tool for fitness and strength, as well as connecting more between mind and body. While I’ve been interested in getting into yoga for some time now because of the different health benefits, I wasn’t sure. I should check out some of the yoga classes near me soon!

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