Life has been non-stop and extra crazy recently, does anyone else feel this way?! I’ve found between all my travel, having to move apartments and all the amazing work opportunities that have come my way I’ve had a hard time keeping my wellness routine completely on point. Life is all about the ebbs and flows and the highs and lows. I know this is just a season of my life where I’m being pulled into a lot of directions and I know it’s not permanent. I also know I can’t do it all, even if I want to sometimes and I’m learning to be completely OK with that.

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At the end of a really long and busy day sometimes the last thing I want to do is get a workout in or cook a healthy meal but I also know it’s something that actually makes me happy and more productive! Today I wanted to share a few life hacks I incorporate when I feel like I just don’t have the time or energy to stay healthy and active!

I used to be the first person to make excuses as to why I can’t stay healthy when I’m in a busy season of my life but I realized recently instead of excuses I can plan ahead and still be able to have healthy options around the house that require minimal effort and ways to get in a workout where I can kill two birds with one stone!




When there just isn’t enough time to cook all of your meals or if cooking just isn’t your thing I realized there are other people out there who will cook for you and love doing it! I often feel like I have no other option than to eat out when I’m super busy but I want to continue to eat healthy, wholesome, and nutritious food without having to go out for every meal or racking up my Postmates delivery fees. So my solution is to jump onto my computer and place an order from a meal delivery service! There are so many amazing options and a few I love personally are Model Meals, Methodology, and I’ve heard great things about Plated. It takes the stress out of having to go to the grocery store and cook and it allows me to eat food that fuels my body so I can keep killing it at work!



As the weather has started to warm up I’ve been taking my movement outside and going on long walks in my new hood! I love it because I can walk for an hour and catch up with a friend or my mom on the phone or I can listen to an awesome podcast that I love that is helping me learn something new or be inspired! I’ve recently been loving my adidas Nite Joggers from for my walks! They are so comfortable, supportive, and also cute! The adidas Nite Joggers come in three colorways too, I went with the pink ones (obviously)! My new neighborhood is super walkable and it’s been so much fun to explore all the stores, shops, and cute little houses in my new kicks!



Whatever self-care looks like for you make sure you make time for it no matter what! Even if that means setting a bedtime or morning routine, creating time for no phone zones, listening to a guided meditation in your car as you drive, or doing a face mask while you take a bath. Allow time for you so you don’t completely burn out. This is something that I really try to do in times like this in my life where I feel the push and pull so much because I know I need time for myself in order to stay sane.

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How do you babes balance it all out in times of heavy push and pull and stress? Do you drop all of your healthy habits during that time or do you incorporate your own healthy life hacks? I’d love to hear what your healthy life hacks look like in the comments below! 


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