Self-care and self-love play a huge role in living a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life. Now more than ever we need to take the time to celebrate ourselves and love ourselves as well. I find it helps keep me centered when I’m stressed and helps keep my anxiety levels way down when my day is full of LA traffic or I’m having an off day. Creating the space in your day for even 10 minutes of yoga can help improve your mood and your whole day. Some of my other favorite self-care routines are face masks, bubble baths, drinking hot apple cinnamon tea, going on a walk near the beach, and doing breathing exercises. One of my favorite ways though to love myself and to calm down after a stressful day is to spend some time doing restorative yoga poses, ones that open my heart and relax my mind and body. Today I’m sharing my favorite restorative yoga poses with all of you. Celebrate Valentines Day by spending a little time today taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and being grateful for yourself.

you have to do things for yourself before you do things for other people. love yourself then love other people. trust yourself then trust other people. be kind to yourself. be good to yourself. when it is time for other people, it will be time for other people but right now you have to save yourself before you can save other people. -- RM Drake

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4 Restorative Yoga Poses for Self-Care + Self-Love


Supine Heart Opener Bound Angle with Blocks

This is the most calming and comfortable restorative yoga pose of all time, I almost fall asleep in this pose all the time. Position the blocks as seen in the pictures and place your hands either how I have mine or down by your sides and breathe into this pose for about 5-10 breaths, then fully relax for 3-5 minutes. This pose is not only super relaxing and calming it’s also an amazing heart-opening pose. The block under your shoulder blades allows your shoulders to drop backward which allows your chest to fully open up and expand.

Restorative Yoga | Self-Care | Yoga Poses |

Supported Shoulder Stretch

Grab a pillow or your yoga bolster (I need to get one ASAP) and lay either on your bed, your mat or really any floor and place it under your ribs. Cross your arms and make sure your palms face up. This should feel amazing on your shoulders, opening them and stretching them at the same time. Hold for a minute and then switch sides, and repeat up to three times. I love doing this right before bed after a long day!

Restorative Yoga | Self-Care | Yoga Poses |

Supported Pigeon Pose

Similar to regular pigeon pose but less intense by adding in a block underneath your thigh, still getting an amazing hip and glute stretch but in a more restorative way. Breathe into your pose with your elbows supporting you or lay all the way down, either way, this pose is amazing!

Restorative Yoga | Self-Care | Yoga Poses |

Restorative Childs Pose

This version of child pose allows you to fully surrender from the day. Laying your hands near your sides instead of stretched out in front of you and bringing your knees together instead of apart turn this pose from active to restorative. I could sit like this for days. I love the feeling of my shoulders fully surrendering and the slight rounding of my back I get from being in this pose. Such a great way to calm your mind and body before bed.

Restorative Yoga | Self-Care | Yoga Poses |

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Let me know what your favorite restorative yoga pose is in the comments below! Love learning new poses and love sharing these favorites of mine with you!