It’s time for July’s Challenge! This month is all about our cute little booties or our peaches if you will! Everyone loves toning up their bums so join me and @theDBmethod to put a little squat challenge fun into our month!

Each day we will do 100 squats and every day we will do completely different variations of squats! I’ll be on my IG live or my IG stories or maybe even IGTV squatting it out every single day with you this month! We are in this together! And if 100 squats seems a little daunting, don’t worry! You can break it up throughout your day. Do 10 squats when you wake up, 10 squats while you wait for your coffee to brew, 10 squats before lunch, etc! Before you know it 100 squats will be done and dusted!

Drop it like it's Hot July Booty Challenge |
Drop it like it's Hot July Booty Challenge |

And feel free to add a little sauce on your squats by adding in weights, bands, a TRX if you have one and I’ll be on my DBmethod machine as much as possible! The best part is the machine puts you into perfect form and all the emphasis goes straight to the booty! Make sure to head over to their website to check it out:

And make sure to use the hashtags #squatlikeitshot #missjulybooty and #dbmethod and post to your IG stories or on IG weekly to be entered to win a DB Method Machine at the end of the month! And don’t forget to tag me @fittybritttty and @thedbmethod in your IG posts and stories so we can cheer you on!

Download the calendar to follow along here:  Squat it like it’s Hot July Booty Challenge

Drop it like it's Hot July Booty Challenge |

How excited are you to join this challenge?! Let me know below what your favorite variation of squat is below! Can't wait to tone our peaches together this month!